Gift Idea: Singapore’s Unicorn Tears are now available here in the Philippines!

So unicorns are real?!

It’s beautiful, it’s magical, and it’s here in the Philippines!

Unicorn Tears, is an out-of-this-world magical drink created by a unique, hipster cafe in Singapore called, Dapper Coffee. Dapper Coffee is a cool cafe by day that turns into a bar at night. It serves hefty breakfast plates and a wide variety of specialty coffee and cocktails.

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A few months ago, they launched the Unicorn Tears, a sparkling, mythical blue drink that sparkles if you shake it right. It’s been making wild rounds all over the internet, making citizens from other countries curious to try it for themselves!

Photo from @abiabigailgail

What’s the story behind the unicorn tears? Here’s what Dapper Coffee has to say about that matter:

"The ingredients are 100% tears of unicorn joy, it was the birthday of Sparkles, our in-house unicorn. When we presented him with a cake and a hand-written card, he was so touched that he cried tears of joy! He cried so hard that some of it ended up in our mouths - and it was then that we discovered these blue sparkly tears were actually delicious."

It is also said to contain no alcohol, no caffeine, is gluten-free, shellfish allergy-friendly, and contains no traces of nuts, soy, or egg. We know what it tastes like but we suggest trying it for yourself, because according to Dapper Coffee, “The flavour of the drink depends on the purity of your soul.

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But if you need something to perk you up, they also have the Gold Brew – a cold, gold brew coffee that sparkles too once you shake it well!

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Photo from @dappercoffee

They aim to be as unique and creative as possible, by coming out with limited drinks from time to time, such as the rose gold unicorn tears that was released last February as their Valentine’s special, and a red one called, Merlion’s Blood!

Photo from @dappercoffee

Dapper Coffee’s Unicorn Tears and Gold Brew are also being sold at the Naiise store’s Orchard branch.

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Dapper Coffee is not yet shipping overseas, but thanks to Spiffy’s Grove, you can now try it here in the Philippines!

Spiffy’s Grove – BF Homes

Photo from @spiffysgrove

Spiffy’s Grove is the first ever craft cider joint in Manila. They heard about the Unicorn Tears and knew they had to bring it back here in the Philippines!

Photo from @spiffysgrove

They just tried selling a few online through reservations, but didn’t expect the overwhelming response from their friends and followers. They are only selling a limited supply, so better reserve yours as early as now!

Photo from @xiaolingchan

According to the owner, they will try to coordinate with Dapper Coffee to get bigger batches of the Unicorn Tears and Gold Brew so that more people can try it here. As of now, they are still accepting reservations and are looking to get the next batch some time in April.

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Unit A, 412 El Grande Ave, BF Homes, Parañaque
(02) 501-7765

Bubba Lab Cafe – Marikina

But if you want to try the Gold Brew ASAP, we just recently discovered that a local cafe in Marikina called, Bubba Lab Cafe, have made their own conconction and named it, ‘Liquid Gold‘. This is their own shimmering cold brew recipe, and is different from the one being sold in Singapore.

Photo from @bubbalab

No reservations accepted
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Ext B, C&B Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue, Marikina
(02) 682-0408

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