Made for coffee-lovers on the go!

Let’s face it—it’s impossible to get through a day without coffee. Thankfully, Starbucks created the Coffee Traveler Kit so you can have not just one, not just two, but twelve cups of freshly brewed coffee—the perfect upsize to greet every morning and fuel your work-from-home meetings.

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What’s so awesome about the Coffee Traveler Kit? Well, besides the fact it appeases the coffee needs of a whole family, the Kit is also a portable, insulated container that can be re-sealed to ensure the freshness of your drink.

starbucks coffee traveler kit
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Each Kit is complete with cups (so you won’t be tempted to drink it all on your own!) and the standard condiments to better your beverage. Get a kit of this fresh brew to pair with Starbucks cakes, pastries, and plant-based dishes!

starbucks coffee traveler kit
Photo from Facebook: Starbucks Philippines

The Coffee Traveler Kit is available for take-out in all Starbucks branches for only ₱890.

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