Go crazy over Asian food!

The World Street Food Congress is a food festival featuring 24 Street Food Masters from at least 10 different countries. The brainchild of heritage and street food maven, KF Seetoh of Makansutra, the WSFC has attracted foodies by the thousands from all over the world since its first leg in Singapore in 2013.

But this year is special, WSFC 2016 has been at the top of the local food headlines since news was released that Manila has been chosen to host this year’s festivities. While we want to give you all the expert foodie tips regarding the event, we’re more concerned about your readiness for this (and future) food events to come! So in this list we’ll give you a few practical tips on how to survive your very first outdoor food fest.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

There are multiple vendors roaming the grounds who are selling water and canned soft drinks. Excercise caution if you’re planning to go in the afternoon because the crazy heat can really get you sick.

Come in pairs or with a group.

You can sample more dishes and get ahead of the lines if you visit with your food buddies. The long lines can be a bit excruciating, especially with the warm weather.

Be informed and do your research.

There will be A LOT of exotic food around so make sure you read the posters on the stalls. Watch out for dishes which may cause allergies (if you have any) or extremely spicy food!

Wear closed shoes.

Some venues may be held at an open field, just like this year’s Food Jamboree. Protect yourself from dirt and injury by wearing comfy and sturdy footwear.

Bring a face mask.

A face mask may come in handy most especially if you have asthma. Remember, most of the cooking is done over an open grill so just bring one in handy.

Meanwhile, here are some snaps from the WSFC last April 22, Friday.

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Entrance to the Food Jamboree is free to the public. Today is the food festival’s last day.