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New restaurants included which you definitely have to go to!

We can never get enough of a quick road trip to Tagaytay! There’s always something new on where to eat in Tagaytay and we just have to get away from the city once in awhile.

Looking to head there soon? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best restaurants for the month in Tagaytay!

10. Pamana – Nasugbu Highway

Last month’s #10

Pamana is a homegrown and classic Filipino restaurant which opened in Tagaytay in 2009. Aside from its dishes, the place became popular for its homey interiors and photo-filled walls. Three years later, the group opened their second branch in Boracay and then 2 years later, a 3rd branch in Legaspi Village, Makati. Most of the dishes are preserved and updated heirloom recipes from owner Happy Ongpauco-Tiu’s family.

It’s for people who love classic, hearty, and satisfying Filipino food with sumptuous servings as well as a beautiful view of Taal. It’s not for people who are dining solo.

Recommended dishes: Crispy pata, Adobong Pusit, and Nilagang Bulalo.
Paella Aligue from Pamana
Photo from @cocohernandez

Reservations are recommended
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Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hwy, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay
(02) 413-2461

9. The Purple Owl – Villa Pura

Last month’s # 8

The Purple Owl is truly one of Tagaytay’s best kept secrets; it’s an events place and a restaurant in one. The Purple Owl is every couple’s dining, anniversary, and wedding destination; it’s also a beautiful and intimate place for friends and families to celebrate birthdays, gather for a picnic or a casual outdoor movie night.

It’s for anyone looking for a personalized venue and hands-on team to help you celebrate all kinds of special occasions! It’s not the best choice during rainy season as their services are best enjoyed outdoors. 

We recommend that you reserve at least three (3) days before your planned visit. 
Family Table Set-Up from The Purple Owl Tagaytay
Photo from @thepurpleowltagaytay
Insider tip: The Purple Owl personalizes every event based on your preferences and requests, from the display photos and messages to the music.

Reservations are required
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Gardenia Loop, Villa Pura, Tagaytay

8. Marcia Adams – Sikat, Alfonso

Last month’s # 7

Marcia Adams’ is a tucked-away Tuscany-inspired garden restaurant that serves Mediterranean dishes. Great for casual lunches and romantic dinner dates, we recommend reserving the sunset lounge for a majestic Tagaytay sunset view.

It’s for people looking for a romantic meal outside the city. It’s not for those who aren’t into plants or garden settings.

Recommended dishes: the Italian Porkchop and their signature Kebabs.
Chicken Kebab from Marcia Adams
Photo from @gna_po

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Sikat, Alfonso, Tagaytay
(0917) 801-1456

7. Bag of Beans – Aguinaldo Highway

Last month’s # 9

For 21 years, Bag of Beans has been considered a reliable go-to restaurant in Tagaytay for its fresh and savory meals. A restaurant that serves dishes from international cuisines as well as all-day breakfast dishes, Bag of Beans is the perfect destination if you love having an abundance of options.

It’s for families who appreciate homey, rustic interiors and comfort food. It’s not for people who are indecisive with ordering food.

Recommended dishes: Crispy pata, Adobong Pusit, and Nilagang Bulalo.
Apple Pie from Bag of Beans
Photo from @judydemore

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115 Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay
(046) 413-2724

6. Aozora Japanese Restaurant – Domicillo Hotel

Last month’s # 5

The first Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay, Aozora marries Japanese fare with a Filipino twist through their best-selling Bulalo-inspired Ramen while maintaining an authentic dining experience with their classic Japanese dishes prepared by Chef Seiji Kamura.

It’s for those craving warm Bulalo or noodle soup in the chilly Tagaytay weather. It’s not for people who want a closed environment.

Recommended dishes: their Bulalo Ramen and Katsudon.
Salmon Sashimi from Aozora Japanese Restaurant
Photo from @aozoraph

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Domicillo Hotel, KM 58 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay

5. Tsokolateria – The Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Last month’s # 4

From the Happy Concept restaurant group, Tsokolateria is an enchanting place for chocolate lovers! They serve chocolate-infused dishes such as pasta, risotto, desserts, and of course, tsokolate ah! This is their 2nd branch, first one is in Baguio. 

It’s for people who are completely obsessed with chocolates. It’s not for people who are not into sweet treats. 

Recommended dishes: the Tablea Churros Waffle, Tsoko Mallow Drink, Tablea Champorado and Bibingka Souffle Pancakes. 
Waffles with Banana and Chocolate from Tsokolateria
Photo from Facebook | Tsokolateria
Our insider tip: This place is super picturesque, so don’t forget to take your cameras with you!

Reservations are accepted
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The Boutique Bed and Breakfast, 45 Aguinaldo Highway Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay
(046) 413-1798

4. Terraza of Balay Dako – Emilio Aguinaldo Highway

Last month’s # 6

Terraza of Balay Dako is located on the top floor of the extraordinary dining place, Balay Dako. Just like the main dining room located below, diners are treated with the typical delicious experience Balay Dako is known for, but Terraza stands on its own with their signature cocktails and their mouthwatering tapas and pizzas amidst breathtaking views of Taal Lake.

It’s for people who want delicious bar food and signature cocktails with a beautiful and classic view of Tagaytay. It’s not for people who aren’t willing to wait a bit to be seated.

Recommended dishes: Sisig na Baboy, their Pizzas, and their Signature Cocktails.
Photo from @balaydako

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Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, (Nasugbu – Tagaytay Road), Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay
(046) 483-4847; (0943) 264-1680

3. Antonio’s Restaurant – Aguinaldo Highway

Last month’s # 1

Antonio’s is Tagaytay’s most celebrated fine-dining  food destination that features the best of international cuisine from top chef Tony Boy Escalante. Its impeccable food, elegant interiors, scenic gardens and great service are what make them exemplary. 

It’s for special family celebrations, anniversary dinners and grand weddings. It’s not for people looking for affordable meals. 

Recommended dishes: the Antonio’s House Salad, Pommery Rubbed Roasted Rack of Lamb, Beef Plancha, Roasted Duck Breast in a Mixed Berry Red Wine Jus and Lechon de Leche.
Pasta from Antonio's Tagaytay
Photo from @antoniostagaytay

Reservations are accepted
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Purok 138, Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay
(0917) 899-2866

2. El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo – La Bella Residences

Last month’s # 3

El Cocinero is a homegrown Ibizan restaurant tucked away inside the La Bella Residences development, offering a fresh and lush scenery that’s a welcome sight compared to the commercialized streets of Tagaytay. Aside from their picturesque area, it’s the El Cocinero Paella that is their worthy mainstay. It is owned by Chef Arnaldo Limeta who trained in Ibiza, Spain for more than ten years. 

It’s for Titas of Manila who enjoy cocktails paired with delicious bar tapas. It’s not for people who want a light meal.

Recommended dishes: The El Cocinero Paella paired with Sangria, Solomillo de Ternera, and Churroz con Chocolate.
Photo from @elcocinerobychefarnaldo

Reservations are recommended
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La Bella Residences, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Neogan, Tagaytay
0916 341-2489

1. Cafe Voi La – Iruhin Crosswinds

Last month’s # 3

Cafe Voi La is an Asian-inspired getaway conceptualized by owner, Ica Sebastian. The place is adorned with Asian art and ornaments, oriental displays, and furniture collected from Ica’s many travels around the world. This lovely cafe is vibrant and picture-perfect in all angles.

It’s for people who enjoy food and art at the same time. It’s not for people who are looking for a quick to-go meal.

Recommended dishes: the Garlic Beef Tapa, Chicken Satay, Homemade Chicken Pork Adobo, Massaman Back Ribs and Black Sticky Rice with Mango. 
Coffee Mousse from Cafe Voi La
Photo from @cafevoilacrosswinds
Our insider tip: Bring your camera with you to capture this beautiful and Instagrammable cafe!

Reservations are accepted
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Iruhin Crosswinds, Tagaytay
(0905) 331-4457

The best restaurants in Tagaytay await you! Enjoy!

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