Taisho Ramen’s special tonkotsu broth is sure to steal the show

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Taisho Ramen

The owners of Taisho Ramen are a group of friends who run a business in Japan. Nearly three decades of friendship later, Taisho Ramen was born. The idea to start a restaurant came from their love for Japan’s culture and cuisine.

Fun Fact: Taisho Ramen means "Master of Ramen". 
The staff trained rigorously under a real Japanese ramen chef to ensure the quality and authenticity of their dishes.

Taisho’s interiors are composed of an interplay of lines, solid reds, and wooden accents which creates a traditional, yet fast-food Japanese restaurant feel. Service is quick and efficient and the staff are warm and friendly. 

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The most important part of any dining experience is, of course, the food. Taisho Ramen’s best-sellers will surely make you come back for more!

Rocky Roll Maki

Taisho’s best-selling Rocky Roll Maki is filled with kani and spiced sauce. It’s then rolled in sesame seeds and furikake, and topped with dollops of special dressing.

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Pork Steak

The Pork Teppanyaki is a house specialty. It’s composed of slices of pork stir-fried with cabbage in a miso-based sauce. It comes with a side of corn, green beans, sliced potatoes, miso soup, and rice. 

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Pork Gyoza

Perfectly seasoned ground pork filling is stuffed neatly inside a rice wrapper and pan-fried until the bottom is crisp. This side order comes with cabbage drizzled in special sauce.

Insider Tip: Beef filling is avaialble for those who don't eat pork
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Fried chicken is a must-have at any ramen joint and Taisho’s Karaage does not disappoint. The battered and deep fried chicken bites comes with an assortment of sides: potato slices, green beans, corn, and cabbage with dressing.

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Now, onto their main attraction: ramen.

Taisho’s noodles are specially-sourced. They are served on the firm side as they will continue to cook the longer it sits in the broth. Taisho’s signature broth is made naturally from pork bones simmered for hours. These are just some of the ramen varieties they offer:

Hakata Tonkotsu

This is the purest form of ramen they serve. It’s closest to the original taste of Hakata-style ramen from the Fukuoka prefecture.

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Spicy Seafood Ramen

If you’re not a fan of roasted pork, they offer a spicy seafood ramen! This version features crab sticks, fish cakes, squid, and shrimps.

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Karamen Ramen

The soup base of Taisho’s Karamen Ramen is tonkotsu broth blended with Korean spices. Topped with sliced onion, Taiwan pechay, and spring onions. You can customize the level of chili from spicy, medium spicy, and deadly spicy!

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Every table has raw garlic, pickled ginger, and chili so you can customize the ramen precisely to your liking.

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