It’s Time for Tea: Visit The Alley at SM Mall of Asia!

Can’t get enough of the stuff!

The Philippines is no stranger to milk tea.

In recent years, tea shops have gained cult-like followings with customers willing to wait, sometimes hours at a time, in order to get their hands on a large, 100% sugar, cup of creamy goodness.

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By now we’ve learned that not all tea shops are created equal. Some spots are simply more “worth the wait” than others. Well, if you’re a milk tea connoisseur, we’ve got news for you: a new tea shop from Taiwan is coming to rule them all.

The Alley

The Alley is a Taiwanese milk tea company that specializes in what’s called “Deerioca,” the brand’s hand-made version of tapioca pearls. A lot of heart goes into making these perfect bites. They take pride in the fact these bubbles are made from scratch and have become globally-renowned for their unique texture and pleasing aroma.

Fun Fact: Their soft, chewy tapioca are fondly called deeriocas after the chain's deer imagery.
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The Alley is gaining popularity around the world with franchises popping up all over Asia, as well as Australia and North America. You must be wondering, “what makes it so darn popular?” The culprit behind their long queues is social media.  As lame as it sounds, part of the reason people come to They Alley from far and wide is because the drinks are just so instagrammable! 

Fun Fact: The founder, Mr. Mao Ting Chiu, is a creative designer by profession. He believes in serving drinks that bring joy not only with its taste, but also its aesthetic!

You might come for the ‘gram but you’ll get hooked on the taste. Their tea leaves are handpicked, aged, and roasted with other high-quality ingredients. 

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They also make their own sugar cane syrup in house, from a process that involves boiling all natural, high quality sugar canes. The sweetness is delicate but never overpowering. 

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Fun Fact: For their signature drink from the Brown Sugar Deerioca Series, the pearls are cooked in a premium brown sugar customized specifically for The Alley. Talk about first-rate!

To date, The Alley has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris, and all over Asia. Now, thanks to Eunice and Howell Cua of Aslan Quality 77 Trading Inc., they are finally here in Manila! Their first branch is located at Level 1 of SM Mall of Asia, in front of Mango and H&M. 

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According to the couple, who are the exclusive master franchisees in the Philippines, there are more branches soon to open. We can’t wait!

Booky Insider Info: We've got word that The Alley will open more branches at O Square 2 in Greenhills, SM North EDSA City Center, The Podium, and SM Sta Mesa!

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Level 1, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay

Milk tea, bubble tea, boba tea, pearl tea—whatever you call it, eyes and ears will follow. Check out this post for the best milk tea spots in Metro Manila.

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