Everything You Need to Know about The Mind Museum

Rediscover this classic BGC destination!

BGC might be better known for its international food chains, premier nightclubs, and world class brands, but there’s a destination to this global city that might have slipped your mind.

If you’re starting to get tired of the usual eat-shop-party crawl of The Fort or if you’re looking for a fun place to bring your kids, nieces, or nephews, then The Mind Museum is signature BGC destination that definitely deserves a first, second, or even third visit.

Photo from The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum

If you aren’t familiar, The Mind Museum is a state-of-the-art, educational, and fun museum experience conveniently located in BGC! It isn’t exactly your traditional museum, with interactive exhibits and educational content catered towards a younger audience- making it a great option for a family day out.

Photo from The Mind Museum

How to get there

Found in JY Campos Park, The Mind Museum is in a pretty accessible spot in BGC. The easiest way would be to take a car, but you can also get there via riding a bus and a bit of walking. Whatever bus you ride going to BGC, make sure that you arrive at the Market! Market! terminal. From there, you can either take a long walk straight to The Mind Museum or wait for the BGC Central Market Market bus. Get off at either the Bonifacio High Street stop or the 26th Ave stop and take a shorter walk to The Mind Museum.

If you’re coming from Guadalupe Station, you can take the appropriate jeepney (it should say “Guadalupe Ft Bonifacio Gate 3”, but there’s no harm in asking the jeepney barkers or drivers just to be sure!) and get off at the corner of 5th Ave and Rizal Drive. The Mind Museum should just be a relatively quick walk from 5th Avenue through 28th Street until you reach 3rd Street.

Photo from The Mind Museum

HEADS-UP: If you’re taking a car, The Mind Museum doesn’t have their own parking area. However, they offer a P50 flat rate at Crescent North parking upon validation of your ticket or receipt at the Mind Museum ticket booth.

How to get in

Once you’re there, you’re probably going to wonder how to get in. The actual entrance to The Mind Museum is along 3rd Street, a mere stone’s throw away from Burgos Circle.

Hopefully you didn’t plan your visit on a Monday, because The Mind Museum is closed on Mondays. Their general operating hours are from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9AM to 6PM, with specific windows for their time-based offers.

Photo from The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum offers a ton of price points and promo packages that make sure you pay for the exact experience you want. The All-Day No Reservation entrance rate for The Mind Museum is P750 for adults and children, but they give great discounts to students, teachers, and more! For a more comprehensive look at their offers, as well as their full operating schedule, you can drop by their website and find the best one for you.

What to do?

Now that you’re in, the next order of business is figuring out just what to do. Well, if you’ve got the All-Day pass, then you can pretty much do everything! We recommend that you really take advantage of your pass and take your time combing through and interacting with all of the exhibits that interest you.

Photo from The Mind Museum

If you’re visiting on a 3-Hour pass, however, then it might be useful for you to plan ahead. Some of the permanent exhibits that The Mind Museum has are the Atom, Life, Earth, Universe, and Technology Galleries while their current line-up of travelling exhibits include Space Adventure, Dino Play, Science Circus, The Teenage Brain, Forever Lab, and A Glass of the Sea. So, if you’re interested in seeing one of the travelling exhibits, you probably should make that a priority and see it while you still can!

Photo from The Mind Museum

Aside from the must-have photo-op, these exhibits also offer a ton of educational value and teach kids and adults about biology, dinosaurs, science, nature, and so much more, making it an incredible and unforgettable learning experience.

Check them out here
JY Campos Park, 3rd Ave, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila
(02) 909-6463

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