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The Mind Museum

If you aren’t familiar, The Mind Museum is a state-of-the-art, educational, and fun museum experience conveniently located in BGC! It isn’t exactly your traditional museum, with interactive exhibits and educational content catered towards a younger audience- making it a great option for a family day out.

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Located in JY Campos Park along 3rd Avenue at BGC, getting to The Mind Museum shouldn’t be all that difficult. Here are a couple of ways to get to The Mind Museum!

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Private Transportation

If you’re taking your car or any other private vehicle, then you can get to The Mind Museum via C5, Kalayaan Avenue, Lawton Avenue, or McKinley Road.

Directions from C5
If you’re on the Northbound lane of C5, get on to Sampaguita Bridge and turn left on 26th Avenue at the top of the bridge. From there, drive all the way down past 5th Avenue and turn right onto 4th Avenue. Then take a left on 28th Street followed by a right at 3rd Avenue. Finally, keep going until you can turn right at 30th Street and into Rizal Drive to get to the passenger drop-off.

For those on the Southbound lane of C5, simply turn right at Kalayaan Avenue and follow the Kalayaan Avenue directions below.

Directions from Kalayaan Avenue
Once you’re on Kalayaan Avenue headed to BGC, simply turn at 2nd Avenue and drive down past 31st Street. Then, turn left at Rizal Drive and head towards the passenger drop-off.

Directions from Lawton Avenue / McKinley Road
From Lawton Avenue or McKinley Road, find your way to 5th Avenue, either crossing or turning from McKinley Parkway. Go past 26th Street and take a left into 28th Street followed by a right at 3rd Avenue. Finally, keep going until you can turn right at 30th Street and into Rizal Drive to get to the passenger drop-off.

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The Mind Museum doesn’t have their own parking area, however, they offer a P50 flat rate at Crescent North parking upon validation of your ticket or receipt at the Mind Museum ticket booth. You may also park at the many parking establishments around BGC.


Public Transportation

For those taking public transportation, the easiest and most straightforward way to get to The Mind Museum is via Market! Market!.

Whether you’re coming from the North or the South, find your way to the Ayala MRT Station at McKinley Exchange. From there, take the BGC West Route Bus headed towards Market! Market! At Market! Market! take the BGC Central Bus which should stop at the Net One building- from there it’s a quick walk to The Mind Museum.

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The Mind Museum is a popular destination and attracts big crowds, school field trips, and a host of curious walk-in’s, making when you schedule your trip an important factor!

Opening Hours

The Mind Museum is closed on Mondays but is otherwise open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 9:00AM to 6:00PM.

You may enter the museum during three timeslots which are 9:00AM-12:00NN, 12:00NN-3:00PM, and 3:00PM-6:00PM.

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When to Visit?

If you want to avoid the big crowds and official school field trips or office functions, then your best bet would be to inquire directly with The Mind Museum by emailing them at

Some special programs, events, and activities might also only fall on certain days- reach out to them via email to not miss the ones you want to try or read on for more information!

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Rates and Tickets

With more than a handful of rates and promo packages from solo entries, all-day passes, group discounts, and much more, read on to discover the perfect The Mind Museum offer for your needs.

How to get tickets

Getting tickets to The Mind Museum has never been easier! If you want a sure entry to your preferred timeslot, you can simply book and pay for your tickets online on their official website. Otherwise, you can go to The Mind Museum as a walk-in and pay for your tickets at their counter.

For any of the student, teacher, or special discounts, it’s recommended that you bring an official ID to verify your discount easily!

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Solo Rates

A Three-Hour ticket is available at the following prices:

Adults: P625
Private School Students: P475
Public School Students: P190
Teachers: P190

An All Day Pass is available for P750 for students, teachers, and adults.

Fun Fact: You can also gift tickets and passes to your friends!

Group Packages

The Mind Museum also accommodates large tours for groups, field trips, and corporate events or outings. Prices and package rates will vary from group to group, so we recommend filling out their inquiry form to get a more realistic estimate of their offers.

Insider Tip: Schools can customize their field trips with help from The Mind Museum with these School Add-ons 
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Special Offers

If it’s your birth month when you plan to visit, then The Mind Museum has a special treat for you! As long as you’re with at least two paying companions (with a maximum of ten), you get free admission to The Mind Museum. If that wasn’t enough, your paying companions will also get free upgrades from a three-hour pass to an all day pass!

This offer is only available for walk-in purchases and cannot be claimed online. A valid government ID or a birth certificate along with an ID picture is required to avail of the promo.

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Mind Museum Exhibits and Galleries

The Mind Museum is home to over 250 interactive exhibits connected through their five major themes. Aside from their regular galleries, they also have travelling exhibitions which aren’t always available.


The galleries that you can find in The Mind Museum are some of their main attractions and they offer a fun, interactive, and educational experience that you won’t get anywhere else. From awe-inspiring displays to mind-blowing presentations to photo-worthy moments, you’re sure to find something you won’t forget at The Mind Museum!

ATOM GALLERY: The Strange World of the Very Small
The Atom Gallery sheds a microscopic light on the unseen but definitely felt forces of nature such as gravity and electromagnetism.

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LIFE GALLERY: The Exuberant Varieties of Life
The Life Gallery is all about all forms of life– big and small! From the tiniest of organisms to the biggest habitats, you’re sure in for an immersive experience that’ll teach you a thing or two about the all the life around you.

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Proudly including the first permanent T.Rex exhibit in the Philippines, the Earth Gallery is one of The Mind Museum’s most famous and instantly recognizable galleries. Dig deep and learn more about the interesting history of Earth and how it came to be.

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If you love all things outer space, then the Universe Gallery is definitely a must-visit attraction. From the elements in space to how the universe came about, discover the wonders

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Discover how the present works and get a glimpse into the future with the Technology Gallery. The largest gallery, the Technology Gallery explores the role technology plays in making our lives better!

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Travelling Exhibitions

The Travelling Exhibits are an extension of the main museum and, as the name suggests, aren’t permanently fixed into the museum and travel from time to time!

This means that they aren’t always available, so check ahead and inquire with The Mind Museum before your visit if there’s on that you want to go to. The cool thing about the Travelling Exhibitions is that they can actually visit you, so if you want them to go to you inquire about it at

Live out your astronaut dreams with the Space Adventure- a Travelling Exhibition that puts you in a simulation of a Mars space station!

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Become a paleontologist for a day at the Dino Play exhibit and carefully uncover incredible dinosaur fossils in fun sandbox set-ups.

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Get lost in a fun and educational science bonanza at the Science Circus! From brain teasers to exciting experiments, experience science like never before.

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Learn more about the ever-changing teenage brain as you walk through a house set-up to represent The Teenage Brain!

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Go on a trip throughout history at the Forever Lab and immerse yourself in science, symbols, culture, and more! Expand your perspective both locally and globally.

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Dive into an interactive exhibit that shows off the beauty and greatness of the Verde Island Passage in Batangas and earn a new appreciation for this underwater haven.

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Walk-In Programs

The Mind Museum hosts a wide variety of programs for walk-in visitors that are sure to entertain and educate!

Class is in session! Enjoy an entertaining and informative science demonstration that will show you that science definitely isn’t boring. The show starts once every hour at the start of the hour from 10AM-5PM.

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Explore the elements and discover the wonders of liquid nitrogen during Frozen Science Saturdays, a program that happens at 10AM on every Saturday of the month.

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Find yourself under the stars and be part of an out-of-this-world conversation when you join the Awesome Astronomy program! Catch this at 5PM on most Sundays of the month.

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Open to the public, Cafe Scientifique is an on-going international series of discussions that shed light and share knowledge on a variety of scientific topics and ideas.

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School Add-Ons

As mentioned earlier, The Mind Museum also lets you customize your own school field trips with the help of their interesting add-ons. From engaging workshops to unforgettable shows, plan a school field trip for the ages with The Mind Museum!

Click here to Learn More About School Add-Ons
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Makerspace Philipinas

The perfect workshop for builders, tinkerers and inventors, Makerspace Pilipinas is a fun and friendly environment where veteran makers and first-time newbies can come together and create. For more inquiries, send an email to


Science Sleepover

One of the most anticipated offerings of The Mind Museum, the Science Sleepover lets you actually sleep over in the museum. That’s right- you get to live out a blockbuster fantasy and enjoy a truly unforgettable night at the museum.

The Science Sleepovers are strictly via registration and have a limited number of slots available, so be sure to check their page for slots and schedules.

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Aside from the must-have photo-op, these exhibits also offer a ton of educational value and teach kids and adults about biology, dinosaurs, science, nature, and so much more, making it an incredible and unforgettable learning experience.

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