A matcha brand from Kyoto takes the #1 spot!

Check out the top 10 most loved restaurants this month in Pasay, based on user favorites from Booky, the #1 food app in the Philippines.

 10. Burgoo – SM Mall of Asia

322 Favorites
Last month’s #10

Burgoo – SM Mall of Asia Scallop Noodles
Photo from @ddyodu

Founded in 1999, Burgoo is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in American cuisine serving comfort food favorites like ribs, wings, pastas and shakes. Fun fact: The name ‘Burgoo’ refers to a spicy stew dish from Kentucky that is often served with cornbread or corn muffins. It’s for big groups, serving sizes are for sharing. It’s not for people watching their calorie intake. We recommend their shrimp and ribs platter, Pasta Diane, Seafood Jambalaya and famous Mississippi Mudpie. Our insider tip: Despite being an American bar, Burgoo is actually kid friendly. Crayons are provided to keep everyone busy and creative while waiting for their orders. Read our full feature here.

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2/F SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay
(02) 556-0092

9. Gumbo – SM Mall of Asia

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New entry

Gumbo – SM Mall of Asia Meals
Photo from @joannatago

Gumbo, A Taste of New Orleans, a casual dining restaurant that provides extra ordinary atmosphere of fun, quality food, best service and cleanliness. Fill your senses with the authentic taste of Cajun and Creole cooking such as freshly caught seafood’s, tender and juicy steaks and ribs, a variety of pasta and pizza dishes and whole lot more. It’s a place for big group get-togethers. It’s not for people who are on a diet. We recommend the Bourbon-style Baby Back Ribs, Cajun Fried Chicken, Seafood Jambalaya and Seafood Gumbo. Insider tip: It has 6 branches in the Metro which offers up to P500 off when you book through Booky! Read more here.

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2/F SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, Seaside Blvd, Pasay
(02) 556-0092

8. Paradise Dynasty – S Maison

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Returning entry

Paradise Dynasty – S Maison Dimsum
Photo from @nielsenjc

Paradise Dynasty offers an innovative take on northern and southern Chinese cuisine. Aside from its signature hand-pulled noodles, it is the known to the world for being the first restaurant to offer colorful xiao long bao in eight premium flavors: Original, Black Truffle, Foie Gras, Garlic, Ginseng, Szechuan, Crab Roe, and Cheese. It’s for anyone who wants to try a unique take on the classic XLBs. It’s not for people looking for affordable wanton noodles. We recommend the Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao basket so you can try all flavors, Lettuce Roll with Homemade Sesame Sauce, Dan Dan La Mian and Deep-fried Garlic Pork Ribs. Our insider tip: Queuing may take awhile because you are listed and called based on number of people.

Reservations are accepted (weekdays only)
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Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard cor Coral Way, Pasay
(02) 828-8333

7. Gringo – SM Mall of Asia

357 Favorites
Last month’s #6

Gringo – SM Mall of Asia Ribs, Nachoes, and Rice
Photo from @gringoph

Gringo is a homegrown restaurant serving Latin American and Tex-Mex specialties such as ribs, chicken, burritos and more. It’s a quick and casual concept brought to us by the same group behind the Tokyo Bubble Tea franchise. It’s for office goers’ lunch breaks, quick bites and afterwork drinks. It’s not for foodies looking for many rice meal options. We recommend the Southern Spice Chicken, Gringo Baby Back Ribs, Truffle Queso Quesadilla, Crispy Taco. Our insider tip is they also have kids menu for the little ones.

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G/F SM Mall of Asia Annex, MAAX, Pasay
(02) 807-6122

6. Mazendo – S Maison

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New entry

Mazendo – S Maison Soba
Photo from @beryl_chan

Far from the busy streets of Taipei City, Mazendo first opened near the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in 2010. Mazendo offers a menu featuring Taiwanese comfort food favorites but it’s really their Taiwanese beef noodles and dumplings that people keep coming back for. It’s for people who are crazy over Taiwanese beef noodles. It’s not for foodies who are on a strict no carbs diet. We recommend their Noodles in Mala with Beef Slices, Dumplings, Fried Rice and Stinky Tofu. Our insider tip: we heard there will be new dishes to be released exclusive to the Philippines.

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2/F S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd., Pasay

5. Golden Cowrie – S Maison

368 Favorites
Returning entry

Golden Cowrie – S Maison Meals
Photo from Booky

For 33 years, Golden Cowrie, a homegrown restaurant from Cebu, has become a culinary destination for both local and international tourists in Visayas and Mindanao. It focuses on regional Filipino fare that are best paired with their unlimited rice offer. It’s for big family gatherings. It’s not for people looking to dine alone. We recommend the Ngo Hiong (kikiam), Baked Scallops, Crispy Pata, Cebu Lechon and Tuna Belly. Our insider tip is Golden Cowrie also owns Hukad, her more casual sister.

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Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard, Pasay
(02) 805-7649

4. BLK 513 – S Maison

495 Favorites
Last month’s #1

BLK 513 – S Maison Frozen Yogurt
Photo from @janeenachan

BLK 513 is Manila’s first ever premium and gluten-free activated charcoal-enhanced frozen yogurt. Choose between dark skim cup or cone and top it with a unique selection of crunches, fruits and sauces. It’s for health-conscious dessert lovers. It’s not for people who prefer traditional ice creams. We recommend the Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie, Peach Mango Float, or you can be adventurous and customize your own. Popular sauces include cereal milk and milk jam, a new holiday Red Velvet sauce is available! Bestselling crunches include the Valrhona Baby and White Chocolate Oldie. Our insider tip is get 2 Dark Skim Cups or Dark Skim Cones for the price of one with Booky’s exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 deal! Read more here.


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Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard, Pasay

3. Four Seasons Hotpot City – SM by the Bay

542 Favorites
Last month’s #4

Four Seasons Hotpot City – SM by the Bay Hotpot
Photo from @maui_alanguilan

From the group that created Vikings Luxury Buffet and NIU by Vikings comes a new hotpot buffet concept. Designed with a lavish and modern market interior, Four Seasons Hotpot City serves a wide assortment of fresh and healthy ingredients, and a number of appetizers, mains and desserts. It’s for foodies looking for a unique hotpot experience in a grand buffet style setting. It’s not for people who easily gets full. We recommend you visit on your birthday to dine for free, but you must bring a friend. Our insider tip is the VIP rooms give each customer a personal hotpot to cook with. Get more insider tips at Four Seasons here.

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Bldg E, SM by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay
(02) 831-7777

2. Dohtonbori – SM Mall of Asia

662 Favorites
Last month’s #2

Dohtonbori – SM Mall of Asia Okonomiyaki
Photo from @tinquingquing

All the way from Tokyo, Dohtonbori is Japan’s #1 okonomiyaki restaurant chain that offers the first cook-your-own okonomiyaki experience in Manila. It has over 300 stores in Japan, with branches in Thailand and Taiwan and this is its second branch in the Philippines. It’s for foodies who enjoy DIY meals, don’t worry the servers can also cook for you. It’s not for people who prefer American-style pancakes. We recommend the Ultimate Cheese Okonomiyaki, Deluxe Okonomiyaki, Four-Cheese Pizza, and their premium yakiniku. Our insider tip: You can also book and get discounts at their Greenhills or SM North branches.

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2/F SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, Ocean Dr, Pasay
(02) 889-0587

1. Tsujiri – S Maison

772 Favorites
Last month’s #5

Tsujiri – S Maison Ice Cream Sandwich
Photo from @thewangandonly

Founded in 1860, Tsujiri is a 155-year old Japanese matcha brand from Uji Kyoto, Japan. It just recently opened its first branch at S Maison, serving authentic matcha products. Tsujiri is also the pioneer of matcha desserts! It’s for mactha lovers looking for quality matcha dishes and drinks. It’s not for people who don’t want to spend much on dessert. We recommend their Houjicha, Tsujiri Sundae, and Chocolate Lava Cake with Matcha Soft Serve. Our insider tip is to avoid going there at lunch time because seats are limited and people want their matcha fix at lunch. Read more here.

No reservations accepted
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S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard cor Coral Way, Pasay

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