If you happen to not lift bro (or sis), then these workouts are for you!

It’s a whole new year ahead and your physical fitness might be high priority on your own New Year’s resolutions. There’s going to be cardio, ab exercises, lifting, etc. to go through.

But if you’re not a fan of lifting weights just to get your body stronger, worry not! We’ve listed down some weightless workouts that you can do to get those muscles toned without lifting a ton.

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If you’re not really the high-intensity type, then Yoga is perfect for you! Yoga develops core strength, muscle strength, and flexibility, through a series of poses and stretches that improve your body’s mobility.

It’s also a great home workout, if you don’t really have the time to be going to classes.

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TRX or Total Body Resistance Exercise is a kind of suspension training and workout, where body weight exercises are done in order improve core and muscle strength, as well as flexibility and mobility.

It requires the assistance of a TRX Suspension Trainer, which are like bands that helps suspend someone, making use of their body weight and gravity to make the exercise possible.

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Pilates is an exercise that deals with improving flexibility and stability, by focusing greatly on strengthening muscles, especially your core, and improving balance. It’s for this reason that it’s said to also help with improving posture.

Pilates is more strength-focused and about control, as compared to Yoga which focuses more on flexibility.

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Boxing is a sport that involves two people fighting with their fists, which are covered in protective gloves. This is done in a padded-square ring, for a certain amount of time.

Boxing is great at improving strength, endurance, speed, and just your overall physical fitness. It’s a high intensity activity that is effective in improving your body’s total strength and mobility.

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Muay Thai

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Muay Thai is a martial arts and combat sport that focuses on many different types of strikes to your opponent’s body. Aside from punches and kicks, strikes from the elbows and knees are integrated as well.

It’s great at improving the body’s overall strength and mobility, being able to strengthen especially the core muscles in the body. It’s a fighting style with more variations than boxing, involving more throws and holds, aside from the strikes.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling martial art that focuses more on subduing a opponent through the use of throws, chokes, and takedowns.

Jiu-Jitsu is a total body workout, requiring the body to make use of its strength, in order to force an opponent into submission. This type of training is what enables Jiu-Jitsu to improve the body’s strength and mobility greatly.

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Zumba is an aerobic exercise that incorporates dancing, with Latin music in order to create a fun cardio that’s effective in burning calories. It’s easy and feels less like a workout and more like a dance party, which contributes to its popularity, especially among your Titas of Manila.

The movements are dynamic, with a lot of jumping and moving of the hips and torso. This helps improve flexibility, mobility, and endurance.

Rock Climbing (or Indoor Climbing)

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Rock Climbing is a aerobic exercise that involves scaling up, down, or across a rock wall (natural or artificial), in order to reach the top. This is a whole body workout, and helps to improve body strength and endurance. It’s definitely a leg and arm workout as well, since you’ll be using those to push yourself upwards.

While rock climbing is usually an outdoor activity, there are many gyms that offer rock climbing as a part of their facilities. Here’s 4 of the Most Loved Rock Climbing Gyms in Metro Manila.

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Pole Dancing

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Pole Dancing is a performance art, making use of dancing and aerobatics, while latched on to vertical pole. Pole dancers would suspend their body by pushing against the pole.

This kind of exercise requires great muscle strength and endurance, as well as flexibility and control, in order to be able to lift oneself, and dance at the same time.

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Parkour is the pinnacle of movement and calisthenics. It involves rapid movements in an area, with runs, jumps, climbs, and a bunch of other tricks, thrown into the mix. It involves getting from point A to point B in the most creative way possible.

Parkour is a dynamic activity making use of the entire body. One’s stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination is improved significantly in the process. While parkour is usually associated with being done in an urban environment, there are many parkour gyms that offer a safe space for people to practice their skills.

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