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Try out this one-of-a-kind mind and body experience!

Urban Ashram’s Sound Healing Class

If you think you’ve seen everything Yoga has to offer, then you thought wrong!

There are different ways to reach Nirvana and get to know the “inner you” better than before. If you feel like life has just been too hectic and all that stress has been bottled up inside you, Urban Ashram’s Sound Healing class might just be the remedy you need.

Also known as a Sound Bath, this unique session focuses on your Kundalini and tries to get you into a deep, meditative state. All of that is done with repetitive notes and different sound frequencies, chiming in the background. Traditional instruments are used like crystal bowls, gongs, cymbals, or even a “rain maker”!

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So, what’s the point?

The sounds should help you reach an ultimate lightened state. We’re talking about turning off all your thoughts and just letting be. By laying down in the savasana position for the entire session, and focusing on the sounds with your breathing— you’ll find yourself awakening emotions you’ve never felt before.

It’s a totally different experience that won’t only leave you calm and at peace, but will also assist you in re-evaluating the importance of life itself. You can try out this one-of-a-kind meditative experience if you download the Booky app today! Lie down and let the soothing sounds take you away to a world of healing and relaxation.

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Do you think becoming more physically fit and mentally focused this 2019 is too much of a stretch? Urban Ashram Yoga is here to show you that no stretch is too hard to do!

Not sure how yoga can help you in your fitness journey? You might believe that yoga is only about standing around and doing poses, but working with your body weight is no joke!

Yoga also strengthens your mental focus since holding difficult poses and making precise motions requires a lot of discipline and concentration.

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Urban Ashram Yoga elevates the yoga experience even further through their pursuit to be the premier yoga center in the country. Offering classes for every age and open for all skill levels, you can be sure to find the kind of yoga best suited for you.

There is no shortage of classes available at Urban Ashram Yoga. They have classes that focus on strength and fitness such as their FNR (Flexibility Not Required) or their more advanced Vinyasa courses. Their Restorative and Gentle Flow classes, on the other hand, are meant more for meditation and relaxation.

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Of course, there are even more classes that present a middle ground of mental and physical training; they even have yoga classes made for moms and babies, as well as yoga for kids!

Urban Ashram Yoga Unlimited Offers

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