We can all agree that the stress from city living can take its toll, let alone Metro Manila’s traffic situation that frequently leaves us extra exhausted. So what’s the best thing to do at times of overwhelming stress?

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The best thing is to roll out that stress with a relaxing massage and eat it out too with your favourite Korean Barbecue.

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Mhhhmm, you heard that right! There’s a spa in San Juan that offers a package that includes a full body massage and a full Korean Barbecue with unlimited sides!

Whether you say it as “samgyupsal” or “samgyeopsal”, we can all agree that this package is P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

Urbanized Gastro Spa


Definitely a peculiar combo, it’s in line with Urbanized Gastro Spa’s aim of giving you the ultimate satisfaction. The Ultimate Spagyupsal Package is a combination of eating your stress away and rolling it all out, it’s honestly a match made in heaven.

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You’ll feel the calming and homey atmosphere upon entering the spa; the dark colours paired up with wooden and brick finishes makes for a truly cozy vibe.

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You’ll find a whole variety of packages and massages like the classic Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, you can also get a foot spa, a facial, or even a quick manicure and pedicure… anything you choose is sure to beat the pesky stress away.

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Ultimate Spagyupsal Package

Get pampered and work up an appetite with Urbanized Gastro Spa! Offering up a one-of-a-kind self-care package, Urbanized Gastro Spa revitalizes and replenishes with a specialized one-and-a-half hour long massaged followed by a satisfying serving of Korean barbecue. Don’t miss out on this truly indulgent spa experience!

Price: ₱1,429 ₱1,000
Ultimate Spagyupsal Package
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Ventosa Package / Hot Stone Package

Release all your pent-up stress and tension with Urbanized Gastro Spa! Leave your worries at the door as you improve your blood flow and get rid of toxins with the famous Ventosa hot stone massage, while you clear your head with a relaxing and cleansing Indian ear candling session.

Price: ₱897 ₱628
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Combination Massage Package (Massage + Facial)

Take a much-deserved pamper day with Urbanized Gastro Spa! Treat yourself to a soothing, tension-freeing massage along with a facial treatment that cleanses the skin, all carefully accomplished with Urbanized Gastro Pub’s experienced self-care experts.

Price: ₱847 ₱539
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Ultimate Spa Mani and Pedi (With Foot Scrub and 30 Min Foot Massage)

Enjoy an all-around spa experience with Urbanized Gastro Spa! Unwind with a foot scrub and a 30 minute foot massage, making sure your nails are neat and polished, and your feet soft and delicate with the care from Urbanized Gastro Spa’s talented therapists.

Price: ₱848 ₱594
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(02) 576-0145

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