Jerk chicken for everyone!

Cruising the Caribbean is absolutely on everyone’s bucket list. After all, we all seek to taste the different cuisines in unfamiliar places because it is one of the quintessential experiences for every avid traveler. However, a normal Caribbean cruise costs thousands of dollars but that shouldn’t be the reason to not get a taste of their food!

This restaurant is closed.

Thank goodness for newcomer, Wagga Wagga Jerk Chicken, a Caribbean-inspired restaurant offering affordable specialty jerk chicken meals served with side dishes like dirty rice, beans, callaloo (veggie side) and plantain. Other signature dishes include Caribbean sausages and jerk wings.

In this we give rounded up ten reasons why it’s the next big thing  

1. Hipster (hand painted!) interiors.

Professional artist Kookoo Ramos hand painted most of the restaurant’s interiors and exteriors. That’s right, starting from the walls, the beautiful mural, and even the lamps! She’s also worked on Nori‘s creative materials.

Kookoo Ramos rewriting the new menu.

2. Supports local.

Wagga Wagga proudly supports local products to promote sustainability and to preserve the freshness of their ingredients.

The Wagga Wagga Jerk Chicken

3. Unique Caribbean cuisine.

Their menu takes inspiration from different countries in the Caribbean like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. Although these exotic countries may seem like a universe away from Manila, Wagga Wagga’s dishes were conceptualized in such a way that its ingredients and cooking techniques are somewhat parallel to its foreign counterparts.

Mofongo Con Pollo
D.R. (Dominican Republic) Chili Fries

4. Cool, Aussie-trained Chef.

Chef Justin David is the king of Wagga Wagga’s kitchen. He started cooking when he was only 15 years old and studied at THE Le Cordon Bleu in Australia. Shortly after graduation he returned home and worked for TAFE. Fun fact: Did we mention that Wagga Wagga means ‘the fat man’? Chef Justin explains that the name is inspired by the fun concept of the store and yes, by him.

Chef Justin and Kookoo on the second floor of Wagga Wagga

5. It’s family-owned.

Kookoo’s dad, Jing Ramos, owns the place. He is a fan of Chef Justin’s wild ideas in the kitchen and of course, is an enthusiast of his daughter’s street artworks.

Wagga Wagga’s logo, designed and hand painted by Kookoo

6. All-natural ingredients.

Chef Justin makes all his dishes from scratch. His main sauces like the Dominican Republic thousand island dressing, the salsa verde, and the famous Wagga chili sauce which Chef Justin describes has the “pleasurable amount of spice.”

Sanguche Payan

7. Cheap booze.

Their hard drinks are sold for only 999/bottle, good for those celebratory nights with co-workers and friends.

Half empty shelves!

8. Dishes are good for sharing.

Wagga Wagga’s dishes are all good for sharing! Well, that is, if you like to share. Their Jerk Wings are sold at half-pound, 1-pound, and 3-pound plates. Chef Justin’s early favorite, the Chicharones Dominicano, is the perfect solution for that kabarkada who loves to hoard all the bar chow.

Jerk Wings – the marriage of buffalo wings and jerk chicken

9. Lively ambiance.

This Caribbean restaurant may not be on board a massive ship, but their island life inspired soundtracks and bright walls can make you feel like you’re on an exotic getaway. Wagga also has an in-house grill on the second floor al fresco area where diners can enjoy a cold bottle and the cool breeze right in the heart of the Ortigas business district.

Bright and natural lighting
Wagga Wagga’s grill at the al fresco second floor area

10. All new and must try menu.

What makes our visit so special is that this is the first and exclusive sneak peak of their new dishes, namely: Mofongo Con Pollo, Chicharones Dominicano, D.R Chili Fries, and the Sanguche Payan.

Clockwise from upper left: Jerk Wings, Chicharones Dominicano, Sanguche Payan, D.R Chili Fries, Jerk Chicken, and the Mofongo Con Pollo (center).

Chef Justin explains that Wagga Wagga is a Caribbean inspired restaurant with a unique twist–which uses locally-sourced ingredients that’s familiar to the Filipino palate.”

Reservations are accepted
View their Instagram account
Meralco Commercial Complex, 88 Meralco Ave cor Julia Vargas, Ortigas, Pasig
(0998) 868-6110

Exciting times for our homegrown restaurant scene!

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