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Working from home may have its own perks like not having to commute for hours and having extra time to yourself but it’s also a challenge in itself. It tests your discipline and determination to get your work done as well as tests your willpower in separating the lines between work and life.

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If you’re working from home in these trying times and you think you need some guidance, here are a few tips we’ve got that’ll hopefully help you keep your sanity and your job up until the quarantine time is over.

Prepare the following

YOURSELF: Don’t start work as soon as you wake up! Give yourself time to go about your usual routine like choosing your work OOTD, getting some sunshine, and getting your daily cup of joe. Doing what you usually do in the morning may help with your work mindset.

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WHAT YOU NEED: For organizing your day purposes, prepare your planner, calendar, and phone. For working on the other hand, prepare your laptop, phone, WiFi, and adaptor. And before you begin, do disinfect all of your gadgets.

Set Boundaries

PHYSICALLY: Look for a place where your more energized to tackle your tasks than take a nap a.k.a it’s encouraged that you don’t work from the comforts of your bed.

TIME: Create alarms. One for when you “check-in” at work and another for when you “check out” at work. That way, there would be a clearer boundary between work and life.

ONLINE: Log out of your social media accounts (unless you need them for work) until it’s time for you to take your break. That way, you wouldn’t be distracted or be tempted to procrastinate.

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Connect with People

A quick change in the environment – from being surrounded by people to working alone – can be jarring and somewhat bothersome. If you miss at the very least, here are ways you can connect with people.

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DURING WORK: You can set up a virtual office using Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc., with your officemates or do face to face meetings with your boss/officemates during daily check-ups.

AFTER WORK: You can check up on people whom you don’t usually talk to, stream movies/series with your friends, or even have e-numans with your barkada.

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Take Break(s)

Easier said than done especially if you have loads of tasks. But taking breaks is more helpful than anything because they’ll help you feel refreshed and energized to finish your tasks.

Some things you can do while taking a break: walk around the house, stretch, or eat your meals.

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Tip: So you wouldn't go overboard in taking breaks, try using the Pomodoro technique. 

Be Aware

OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: If you weren’t able to give your 100%, the first thing you should do is to forgive yourself and to give yourself some slack. Know that it’s possible not to finish everything in one day or at least finish everything in one go. Take a step back and take a breath first.

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OF YOUR PRIVILEGE: Before you begin thinking of posting negative vibes on your social media accounts, think of all of the people who don’t have the luxury of working from home with fast internet. That’ll put your worries and problems into perspective at least enough for you to delete that tweet or post.

Know more ways you can keep your sanity and your job while working from home? DM us on Instagram at @bookyapp for your suggestions. Let’s make sure to keep each other safe despite these trying times. Take care always! – The Booky Team

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