Do you even lift, bro?

Counting down your week to fit those workout days? Well, let’s get to it! Living an active lifestyle definitely has its perks. It keeps you balanced, confident, and of course– healthy! But what if we told you that your workout attire, in itself, can give its own set of benefits too? Here’s why!

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It’s time to invest!

Similar to picking the right winter clothes for your next trip or buying the perfect bikini for summer, activewear is an investment on its own! It’s a necessity that can actually affect your next workout session, marathon, and games. Wearing the correct workout attire can greatly improve your performance.

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Prevent injuries

Injuries happen all the time when you’re living an active lifestyle. It’s just something that’s unavoidable! So, why don’t we try to control what we actually can? Workout clothes can help avoid injuries that can otherwise be a nuisance to our training days. The right shoes can fight off those pesky blisters and even those painful shin splints!

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The teammate you never had!

The best workout clothes can be like the teammate you never had– there to assist you through a rough day of lifting weights! The right outfit can get you going through the sweat with ease and determination. Many popular athletes actually support different activewear brands to improve their physical performance!

You may have watched the NBA and noticed that many of the players wear compression tights under their shorts. That’s because wearing compression attire gives benefits like circulation of oxygen in the muscles, reducing soreness, easing muscle fatigue, preventing strains, and even giving good recovery!

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Nike apparel have also worked with fabric that helps maintain optimal body temperatures under any seasonal change! The Nike Aeroloft was designed by the scientists from Nike Sport Research Lab, and was produced to keep runners warm in cooler conditions. The fabric gives maximum mobility and warmth where it’s needed the most.

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You look great, baby!

So, we know the benefits when it comes to wearing the proper outfit, but it doesn’t hurt to just look good while busting a sweat! (Amiryte?) Apart from taking an instagrammable #ootd selfie, you’re also taking care of your body. A good workout outfit can help avoid injuries and even inspire you to train harder!

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Match your outfit with your workout!

Makes sure you’ve got everything covered when it comes to your desired workout! Don’t worry about it, cause Booky’s got your back! Here are your #ootd needs listed down!

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