South PunchLas Piñas

3/F D’Grand Bldg, San Beda Homes, Alabang-Zapote Rd, Las Piñas

Boxing, Circuit Training,MMA,Muay Thai

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Open M-Sa: 7AM-9PM; Su: 9AM-7PM

South Punch Classes

  • Services

    • Mixed Martial Arts

      With Coach Omar. Duration varies.

      300.00 per Session

    • Boxing Training

      Duration varies


      200.00 per Session

      2,000.00 12 Sessions

      2,500.00 12 Sessions + Unli Functional

    • Muay Thai Training / Fighter's Training

      Combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking with various clinching techniques. Duration varies.


      250.00 per Session

      2,000.00 Unlimited for a Month

      1,800.00 Group of 3 Promo

    • Functional Training

      Simple exercises through small ranges of motion e.g. Circuit Training. 45mins to 1hr.


      150.00 per Session

      1,000.00 Unlimited for a Month

      800.00 Group of 3 Promo