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Skin and Beyond Aesthetics and Wellness Center believes in a synergistic approach to achieving beauty and self-care. Get the care that you deserve with Skin and Beyond's state-of-the-art facilities, innovative treatments, and staff of beauty and wellness experts.

Skin and Beyond Aesthetics and Wellness Center Services

  • Signature Facials

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Classic Rosy Facial with Anti-Oxidant

      Clarify your skin by relaxing your facial nerves and muscles, improve blood circulation and remove impurities. An intensive fusion of antioxidants that may reverse the effects of aging and sun damage, reduce inflammation and promote regeneration of healthy skin cells

    • White Glow with Microdermabrasion

      Unique skin smoothening and brightening facial that is a combination of thorough skin cleansing to purify blemished skin, microdermabrasion to remove dull, dead skin cells for a healthier radiance, and infusion of multivitamins to nourish and soothe the skin

    • Acne Clarifying with Charcoal Mask

      An intensive solution for acne prone skin. A unique combination of anti-bacteria and oil-neutralizing factors which promotes healing, prevention of acne formation and blemish reduction. Enhanced with activated charcoal that absorbs toxins, balance of production and detoxify skin

    • Youthful Lift with Tripolar RF Actives

      Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, firm and lift sagging skin. Combined with potent collagen boosting ingredients that can alleviate sin aging. Utilizes radiofrequency waves for tissue remodeling, production of elastin and regeneration of collagen

  • Acne Management

    • Acnesolve Peel

      A peeling treatment that helps renew skin by shedding off uneven and dark skin cells. It also aids in faster healing and drying of acne spots while minimizing the pores

    • P Injection

      An infusion of anti-inflammatory medication to reduce and aid in drying up of active pimples

  • Slimming & Firming

    • RF Face Contouring

      A non-surgical face lifting treatment that helps tighten loose skin to restore a more youthful appearance. It also helps with facial contouring for a more defined facial features

    • RF Body Firming

      This treatment utilizes multipolar thermal energy that helps tighten and firm up the skin for a slimmer and contours body shape

    • Cavitational Lipo

      A non-invasive fat reduction treatment that can easily penetrate to deep fat cells. Target, break down and destroy stubborn fat cells for a well-defined body contour

    • Mesolipo Fat Melting

      A fast and effective treatment for fat reduction which involves targeting specific fat cells by injecting fat melting solution

  • Hair Removal

    • IPL Hair Removal

      A laser treatment which targets and damages the roots by gently heating up the hair follicles to disrupt and damage the growth cycle preventing the hair from coming back

    • Diode Hair Removal

      Diode laser treats all types of unwanted hair with deeper penetration by destroying hair follicles resulting to a more effective treatment with less discomfort

  • IV Nutrient Therapy

    • Glutathione Whitening Therapy


      Glow Booster (Combination of glutathione for whitening and vitamin C for antioxidant infused carefully to reveal your skin's natural glow. Best done twice a week)

      Rosy Glow Drip (Our signature cocktail of high dose glutathione for faster whitening/ vitamin C as antioxidant to help detoxify your body plus collagen to help improve skin condition by means of repair from within. Best done every 5 days)

    • Collagen Drip

      Collagen decreases in our body as we age. That's why we need to supplement our body a high dose, readily absorbed type of collagen to prevent signs of aging from coming in such as arthritis, poor skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles and hair loss. Collagen also helps vital organs from damage against toxins. Best done every 5 days

    • Energy Drip

      A personalized mixture of vitamins and minerals to give you an instant boost to fight against fatigues from long days of work, intense workouts and hangovers. Best done every 5 days

    • Slimming Drip

      Composed of special supplements that will instantly turn your stubborn fat to an active source of energy for your workouts making those fat easier to melt to help you achieve your fitness goals in no time. Best done every 5 days

    • Immunity Drip

      Antioxidants and vitamin rich mixture making your immune stronger against common illnesses. Best done every 5 days

    • Captain's Drip

      An ultimate whitening formula for patients who are always on the go which gives you the following benefits: express whitening, tighter pores, glowing skin and better vision from its collagen content. Best done every 5 days

    • Revive Drip

      SB's famous supreme drip, known for its power to revive those stressed and tired looing skin, decrease falling hair, improve metabolism, resulting in an overall enhancement from head to foot. Best done every 5 days

  • Non Surgical Procedures

    • Botulinum Injections

      A treatment done by injecting the muscles to relax resulting to decrease in appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

    • Facial Threadlift

      A non-surgical way to effectively lift sagging skin and contour face to achieve the perfect V-shaped face. It is done by the insertion of fine threads that helps promote collagen and tighten skin

    • Facial Fillers

      This treatment is done by injecting Hyaluronic acid, a normal composition of the skin that attracts water. It is done to add volume on a specific area and improve the quality of the skin

    • Non-surgical Nose Lift

      A non-surgical treatment that uses fillers or threads to add volume and height to achieve the perfect nose

    • Sclerotherapy

      A procedure that helps eliminate spider veins by injecting solution with the use of a fine needle

    • Hair Stemcell

      Stimulation of hair growth and prevention of hair loss. This procedure utilizes own's platelet-rich plasma that is rich in growth factors

  • Whitening Therapy

    • Glow Peel

      A treatment that diminishes dark spots by the gentle elimination of damaged and dull skin. This treatment enhances healthier and lighter skin renewal, while promoting brighter and better skin quality

    • Angel White Laser

      Skin brightening laser treatment that utilizes white laser for breaking down dark spots, minimizes pores, decreases oily skin by enhancing skin rejuvenation and promote collagen production for healthier skin

    • Intense Underarm Whitening

      A 4 level underarm whitening treatment, composed of whitening scrub to remove dead skin, microdermabrasion to address chicken skin, organic bleaching mask for intense lightening effect and collagen mask to restore smooth and soft skin

  • Scar Treatment

    • Keloid Injection

      Injection of a solution to flatten and shrink keloidal tissues

    • Microneedling

      A treatment that creates micro opening to stimulate skin healing and collagen production by diminishing scar appearance and evens out skin texture resulting to better skin quality

    • Fractional Laser Resurfacing

      Utilizes laser wavelength to create micro opening that prompts skin to heal and enhance collagen production, improving skin tone and texture by diminishing pigmentations and fine lines

    • Vampire Stemcell

      A minimal invasive procedure that creates micro-opening and utilizes patient's own blood processed to accumulate growth factors, the collected growth factor speeds up healing and enhances the regeneration of healthy skin cells thus creating better skin quality. This treatment helps lighten skin, refine skin texture, diminish scars and fine lines