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AQ Hydraglow Facial

Experience AesthetiQ Wellness and Spa's patented HydraGlow Facial and treat yourself to a non-abrasive, vacuum powered machine that provides gentle wet exfoliation and removes dead skin cells. Infuse powerful antioxidants to brighten and nourish your skin, leaving it bright, plump, and revivified. revivify

Special rules

Members can enjoy this offer once a month

What you get

Non-abrasive vacuum powered facial, Wet exfoliation

Fine Print

  1. No discount if booking is made after already arriving at the restaurant
  2. The discount is only applied if the table bill reaches ₱1000 excluding service charge
  3. The discount cannot be applied on top of other promos, freebies or SC or PWD benefits
  4. Only one discount is applied per group
  5. Discounts are not given on Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Easter, Christmas and other regular holidays
  6. Half of party must arrive within 15 mins of the booked time for discount to be valid
  7. Only the number of seats confirmed will be guaranteed
  8. Separate booking parties cannot request to be seated together to combine discounts

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