A Huevo Pedro High Pointe Medical Hub

2/F High Pointe Medical Hub, 241 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong


Open M-Sa: 10AM-10PM
Enjoy a delicious combination of hot and authentic Mexican street food served with bold and satisfying Filipino flavors at A Huevo Pedro! From quesedillas to soft-shelled tacos to cigarillos and so much more, A Huevo Pedro is sure to serve up some Fil-Mex goodness that will have you coming back for more.

A Huevo Pedro Menu

  • Rice Meals

    • Chili Con Pedro

      Slow-cooked beef, beans and spices with just the right kick!

    • Adobo Loco

      Well-seasoned, pulled pork adobo that'll keep you coming back for more!

    • Arroz Ala Cubana

      Ground pork with carrots, peas and raisins finished with scrambled egg

    • Bangus Sisig

      Fries tofu and flaked bangus for a healthy alternative to classic sisig

    • Yaya's Chicken Inasal

      Authentic Bacolod chicken inasal. Need I say more?

    • Bongga Longanisa

      Mexican-style scrambled egg topped with longanisa and crushed nacho chips on garlic rice


      Regular 99.00

      Large 189.00

      Add Ons:

      Chili Con Pedro/ Yaya's Chicken Inasal/ Adobo Loco/ Bangus Sisig/ Longaniza Crumble 50.00

      Garlic Sour Cream 20.00

      Cheese 20.00

      Salsa Fresca 15.00

      Egg 15.00

      Lettuce 15.00

      Plain Rice 15.00

  • Tacos

    • Soft Tacos

      Hand-rolled pita with any signature dish! Served with salsa fresca and garlic sour cream


      Single 70.00

      Double 130.00


      Chili Con Pedro

      Adobo Loco

      Bangus Sisig

      Yaya's Chicken Inasal

  • Quesadilla

    • Quesadilla

      Hot quesadillas with melted cheese and your favorite filling. Served with salsa fresca and garlic sour cream



      Chili Con Pedro

      Adobo Loco

      Bangus Sisig

      Yaya's Chicken Inasal

    • Breakfast Quesa

      Scrambled egg and longanisa in soft pita for breakfast on the go

    • Spam & Corn Quesa

      A killer combo of cheese, Spam and corn in one bite


      Single 110.00

      Double 210.00

  • Chimichanga

    • Chimichanga

      Crisped hot pockets of cheese and meaty goodness!


  • Macho Nachos

    • Macho Nachos

      Best shared with friends over good conversation and an ice cold beer


      Solo 80.00

      Grande 150.00

  • Hazelnut Cigarillos

    • Hazelnut Cigarillos

      Hazelnut spread in rolled pita, lightly toasted and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!


      Regular 85.00

      Grande 160.00

  • Drinks

    • San Miguel Light / Pale Pilsen


    • Pepsi / 7-Up / Mountain Dew


    • Mineral Water


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