Big D's Smokehouse Eastwood Citywalk 2

2/F Eastwood Citywalk 2, Libis, Quezon City

American, Grilled,Late Night

This business is closed.

Big D's Smokehouse Menu

  • Appetizers

    • Start Up Nachos

      Our version of the most ordered appetizer. Light and crispy chips topped with beef or pulled pork, salsa, and cheese sauce. A Big D's original


      Duo 193.00

      Platter 341.00

    • Buffalo Wings

      Our take on the New York classic made with Sriracha sauce for that Asian kick. Served with Big D's ranch sauce. Have it WILD or MILD!


    • Potato Chips And Skins

      Thinly sliced potatoes fried and lightly salted. Your favorite chips made from REAL potatoes. Served with garlic ranch dip


  • Soup and Salad

    • Corn Chowder


    • Mushroom Soup


    • Southern Chicken Salad

      Fresh mixed greens with Cajun style grilled chicken, mild cheddar, salsa, and corn kernels drizzled with our Mexican ranch dressing


  • Smoked Beef Brisket

    • Baby Got Back!

      Big D's Baby Back Ribs


      Half Slab + 2 Sides 689.00

      Full Slab (22lbs) + 3 Sides 1190.00

    • Twice Fried Ribs

      A homage to our roots, twice deep fried ribs that's crispy on the outside, tender on the inside topped with loads of toasted garlic and served with our red vinegar mix


    • Smoked Beef Brisket

      Slow smoked for 12 hours over hardwood and coals to a very tender and flavorful experience. This juicy brisket is an explosion of flavor complimented with our Alabama white Barbeque sauce


  • Smoked Soft Bone Ribs

    • Stage 1 - Ribs Solo

      1/4 slab of ribs, served with garlic rice and corn and carrots


    • Stage 2 - Ribs Duo

      1/2 slab of ribs, served with garlic rice and choice of sides


    • Stage 3 - Ribs Platter

      2 full slab of ribs. Served with rice and choice of 2 sides & Carafe Iced Tea, perfect for the whole family


    • Full Slab



      Sides: Plain Rice 30.00 / Garlic Rice 50.00 / Dirty Rice 65.00 / Corn & Carrots 50.00 / Coleslaw 50.00 / Corn on the Cob 60.00 / Mashed Potato 60.00 / Cajun Fries 65.00

      Sauce: Regular/Spicy

  • Pulled Pork Specials

    • Pulled Pork Platter

      Tender, slow cooked pork, pulled apart into pieces, glaze din our signature BBQ sauce served with Texmex rice, slaw and corn relish


    • Pulled Pork Burrito

      Medley of pulled pork, Texmex rice, cheese sauce, ranch and cheese. All wrapped in flour tortilla served with chips


    • Sizzling Pulled Pork

      Tender, slow cooked pork, pulled apart into pieces, glazed in our signature BBQ sauce served on a sizzling plate


    • Pulled Pork Nachos


      Duo 175.00

      Platter 310.00

    • Monster Tacos

      A full 9 inch MONSTER GOODNESS with shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa and more cheese




      Pulled Pork

    • Pulled Pork Sandwich

      Southern style slow cooked pulled pork in tangy chilly-seasoned BBQ sauce. Served with coleslaw and onions on a freshly baked bun


  • The House Specials

    • Chicken Fried Steak

      Deep fried chicken breast fillet with our mixture of spices served with herbed gravy side vegetables. Choice of mashed potatoes, fries or rice


    • Home-Style Meatloaf

      Mixture of 3 kinds of meat, seasoned and baked, topped with mushroom sauce and served with BIG D's DIRTY RICE


    • Fish And Chips

      Deep fried fillet of Dory, lightly coated with our signature beer batter served with fries


    • Open-Faced Roastbeef

      Thinly sliced beef loin slow cooked with mushroom sauce, side of vegetables and mashed potatoes


    • Hush Puppies

      Combination of cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan cheese with roasted pimientos for that smokin' kick, deep fried and served with our garlic ranch dip


    • Dirty Fries

      French fries topped with pulled pork, cheese sauce, salsa and more pulled pork!


    • Chicken Fingers

      Chicken fillet lightly seasoned and coated, deep fried to perfection served with honey mustard dip


    • Buffalo Chicken Tenders

      A wilder version of our chicken fingers


    • Mac And Cheese

      The perfect combination to our pulled pork dish or any of our specials or just on its own


    • Total Wreck Burger

      100% PURE beef topped with bacon strips, deep fried onions, melted cheese and our signature BBQ sauce on a freshly baked bun


    • Big D's Cheeseburger


  • Others

    • The Backyard Family Feast

      2 Slab of Soft Bone Ribs / 2 Buffalo Wings / 2 Mac and Cheese / 2 Potato Chips / Corn on the Cob / Coleslaw


    • The Big Feast

      1 Platter Nachos / 2 Hush Puppies / 2 Chicken Fingers / 1 Sizzling Pulled Pork / 2 Mac and Cheese / 2 Onion Rings / 2 Sides of Your Choice / 5 Garlic Rice


    • Smoke House Platter

      Pulled Pork / Corn on the Cob / Half Slab Baby Back Ribs / Smoked Bacon Slab / White BBQ Sauce / Cajun Fries / Half Slab Soft Bone Ribs / Smoked Beef Brisket / Big D's Signature BBQ Sauce / Smoked Links


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