Bugong Roast Chicken Taguig

Sunshine Plaza Mall, South Signal Village, Taguig


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Open M-Su: 9AM-9PM

Bugong Roast Chicken Menu

  • Chicken

    • Bugong Roast Chicken

      Whole roast chicken marinated with 18 different herbs and spices no MSG and artificial flavor enhancers


      Family 275.00

      Regular 235.00

  • Roast Chicken Meals

    • Quarter Chicken Meal

      Quarter roast chicken served with rice and choice of sauce


    • Chicken, Bread and Salsa

      Quarter roast chicken served with Mexican Fresh Salsa and choice of bread


      Poori 128.00

      Tortilla 142.00

  • Noodles and Pasta

    • Pasta Victoria

    • Macaroni and Cheese

  • Rice Meals

    • Chicken BBQ

    • Thai Curry Meatballs

  • Fresh Options

    • Asian Salad Wraps

    • Poori Pockets

  • Sides and Extras

    • Mashed Potato

    • Coleslaw

    • Kimchi

    • Achara

    • Mexican Fresh Salsa

    • Macaroni Salad

    • Fruit Salad

    • Kimchi Rice

    • Thai Rice

    • Garlic and Chives Rice

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