Cajun Red RockAmoranto

108 NS Amoranto St, Maharlika, Quezon City


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Open M, T, W, Th, Su: 11:00AM - 10:00PM F, Sa: 11:00AM - 11:00PM

Cajun Red Rock Menu

  • Fun Starters

    • Tower O' Sesame Rings

      Onion rings, seasoned and fried in sesame batter, stacked and served with 3 exciting dips


    • Triple Decker Nachos

      Fresh crisp nachos topped with tomatoes, cheddar, mozzarella and pulled ribs, baked to give you the ultimate nacho experience!


    • Stuffed Bacon and Cheese Rolls

      Bacon rolled in fresh mozzarella, fried to a golden crisp


    • Fun House Sampler

      Powerhouse treat loaded with a combination of black peppered calamari, sesame rings, stuffed cheese rolls and chicken tenders


  • Hand Tossed Log Pizza's

    • Bacon Overload

      Every bacon lover's dream! Pilled on the bacon and Jack onions on this one!


    • Garlic Italian Chicken

      Chicken breast smothered with roasted garlic- an all-time favorite!


    • Margherita

      Their take on an Italian classic! Logged pizza with marinara sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh ripe tomato slices, and shredded fresh basil


    • Cheeseburger Pizza

      Go ga-ga over this one! 100% pure beef, mozzarella cheese, fresh onion rings, sliced tomatoes, baked until just right, drizzled with cheese sauce, and topped with shredded fresh lettuce


    • Seafood Pizza

      Pizza for seafood lovers! Log pizza with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, cubed Dory fillet, squid rings, fresh shrimp tossed in olive oil, garlic, parsley, and baked until hot and brown


  • Wings Wings

    • Louisiana Buffalo Wings

      Plump and juicy wings seasoned with sweet and spicy red rock buffalo sauce. Hot! Hot! Hot!


    • Boneless Wings

      Buffalo wing goodness without the hassle of bones! Comes with tangy and spicy wing sauce.


    • Jack Wings

      The famopus wings, smothered with Jack sauce


    • Mixed Wing Stacks

      Can't decide what to have? Try this sampler with all the best things stacked into 2 towers.


  • Salad Sensation

    • Tony's Buffalo Chicken

      Juicy chicken strips coated with popular spicy buffalo sauce on top of fresh lettuce, fresh greens, and topped with cheddar cheese


    • Chopped Seafood Salad

      Crunchy squid and shrimps on top of a bed of lettuce and drizzled with tart mango vinaigrette


    • Jalapeño BBQ Salad

      A original! Shredded green and red cabbage topped with diced tomatoes, turnips, grilled chicken breasts, drizzled with jalapeño dressing and homemade BBQ sauce


    • Chopped Chicken and Bacon Salad

      Grilled chicken strips on a bed of fresh greens, garnished with rashers of crispy bacon and sliced eggs, drizzled with creamy vinaigrette


    • Red Rock Cob and Corn

      A house specialty, topped with grilled chicken and crispy tortilla chips then glazed with JD sauce and roasted garlic sour cream


  • Steamin' Hot Soups

    • Louisiana-style Onion Soup

      Soup made from the naturally-sweet broth of caramelized onions, topped with mozzarealla toast


    • Two-Cheese Potato

      Smooth, creamy, fluffy potatoes blended with fresh cheddar and cream, boiled with herbs and spices, and then topped with fresh mozzarella


    • Chunky Tomato Soup

      A hearty and healthy soup from vine-ripened tomatoes, long-simmered with chunks of sweet onions and bell peppers


  • Old-timer Burgers and Sandwiches

    • The Original Classic

      The famous burger, served with loads of French fries


    • Southern Bacon Cheese

      Topped with honey-cured bacon with lots and lots of mozzarella and cheddar


    • Cubana Burger

      Perfectly grilled burger topped with homemade BBQ sauce, fresh roasted bell pepper, fried banana, and egg cooked sunny side up


    • Burger Tropicale

      Garnished with fresh lettuce, and topped with refreshing ripe mango salsa


    • Hawaiian Burger

      Burger drizzled with home made cheese sauce, crisp bacon slice, and sweet grilled pineapple ring


    • Crispy Fish Fillet Sandwich

      Dory fillet battered and fried until golden brown dressed with Cajun Remoulade, garnished with fresh lettuce, sliced cucumber and ripe tomato, and topped with cheese


    • Jack's Choice

      This burger is loaded with fried onion rings cheddar and jack cheese


    • Crispy Mushrooms

      Classic-style burger loaded with crispy garlic mushrooms


  • Spaghetti and Rice!

    • Bacon Caesar Spaghetti

      Bacon, anchovy, Parmesan, olive oil. Your favorite flavors in a Caesar salad on a pasta dish.


    • Creole Chicken Pasta

      Signature dish made with special cream sauce season with special Creole flavors. Served with crisp chicken strips.


    • Cheesy Mini Cajun Meatballs

      Loads of mini-cajun style meatballs topped on a bowl of spaghetti in melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese


    • Roasted Garlic Shrimp Pasta

      Plump sauteed shrimps and roasted garlic tossed in special cream sauce


    • Asian Chicken Spaghetti

      Spaghetti dish with an Asian twist with chicken breast grilled till just right and tossed with peanuts, secret sauce


    • Calypso Calamari Rice

      Shrimp and squid rice


    • Cajun Bacon Crisp Rice

      Crisp bacon and onions rings rice


  • Just for Kids!

    • Fish Sticks, Spaghetti and Fries

      Fish fillet sticks seasoned and fries in special batter, crisp and tangy. Served with a heap of spaghetti and fries!


    • Chicken Fingers, Spaghetti and Fries

      Combine the little monster's favorite munchies: Fries, chicken fingers and spaghetti. Served with 2 dipping sauces.


  • Jambalaya Skillet

    • Grilled Seafood Jambalaya

      Your favorite Jambalaya combination served with yummy grilled shrimps and squid


    • Pork Steak Jambalaya

      Pork strips sauteed in bell peppers and onions, smothered in cheese sauce. Served with Jambalaya rice.


    • Chicken Jambalaya

      Spiced chicken, pan-fried and served with crispy mushrooms atop Jambalaya rice in an iron skillet


  • Ribs Ribs Ribs

    • Smoked Ribs Jambalaya

      2 of the yummiest treats in one: Jambalaya rice and a yummy slab of smoked pork ribs with honey BBQ sauce


    • Shrimp and Ribs Treat

      A heap of crispy shrimps and grilled ribs with sauce and grilled corn on cob plus herb rice. Perfect match!


    • Ribs and Jack Wings Treat

      Back ribs smothered in special Heinz-blended grilling sauce flavored with Cajun spice


    • Jack Daniel's Ribs

      This dish is a must-try! Back ribs grilled with brewed Jack Daniel's grilling sauce


    • Cajun Bourbon Ribs

      Back ribs grilled in slow simmered bourbon sauce, topped with roasted garlic. An age-old house tradition.


  • All-Star Specials

    • Louisiana Fish and Shrimps

      Fried crispy Dory fish and shrimp


    • Red Butter Squid and Shrimps

      A heap of crisp and plump shrimps and squid rings, seasoned and tossed in mouth watering red butter sauce


    • New York Fish and Chips

      Whole cream Dory fillets coated with cheese, seasoned with crisp batter! Served with loads of fries on the side.


    • Chicken Alfred

      This crisp and creamy recipe is a must try! One of originals and a bestseller.


    • Cajun Spiced Pan Chicken

      Fried chicken lovers beware! This special recipe livens up a traditional dish.


    • Cajun Fried Chicken

      Cajun-spiced chicken breast prepared just the way you like it! Served with gravy.


      Solo 290.00

      To Share 390.00

  • Sides

    • Hash Browns

      They puts a twist on this traditional dish. Try it!


    • Baked Mashed Potato

      The best mashed potatoes you will ever taste, hands down!


    • Country Potatoes

      Chopped potatoes tossed in special sauce


    • Buttered Veggies

      Corn and carrots, with a twist of chopped beans, tossed in butter


    • Grilled Corn Cobblets

      A favorite! Corn on the cob, grilled and seasoned, in bite-sized pieces.


    • Saffron Rice

      Famous saffron flavored rice


    • Corn Country Style Rice

      Fluffy buttered rice, tossed with peppers and corn


    • Crispy Mojos

      Traditional fries, great with burgers!


    • Plain Rice


  • On the Grill

    • Tony's Favorite Chops

      Premium center-cut chops flame broiled with JD BBQ sauce topped with roasted garlic for the extra flavor!


    • Fire Grilled Bourbon Dory

      Seasoned cream Dory grilled to perfection with signature bourbon sauce; served with fresh salsa. A clean, healthy choice.


    • Chicken Marsala

      Smothered famous grilled chicken with new Creole style mushroom sauce


    • Mustard Peppered Chicken or Chops

      Choose from grilled chicken or chops smothered in a rich sauce made from fresh ground pepper and mustard. Additional P25.00 for chops.


    • Jack Daniel's Chicken Steak

      The sure winner is made with real Jack Daniel bourbon sauce smothered over grilled chicken fillet!


    • Borboun Chicken or Chops

      This dish has won the hearts of customers through the years. Choose from chicken or chops. Additional Php25.00 for chops.


  • Family Platters

    • Bountiful Platter Feast

      A combination of bourbon chops, cheesy pork steak and chops Alfred served with grilled corn on a cob. A treat for all!


    • Chicken Sampler Platter

      A sampler treat of mustard peppered chicken honey wings and chicken Alfred served with grilled corn. A chicken lover's dream!


    • Seafood Platter Feast

      They fill the whole platter with whole Creole fish and chips, loads of squid and shrimps. Served with 3 dipping sauces.


    • Alfred's Chicken Feast

      A treat for families who simply love Chicken Alfred. They fill this platter with loads of it! Served with grilled corn on the cob.


    • Ribs Sampler Platter

      They loaded the platter with 3 full slabs of ribs. An assortment of Heinz, JD and Bourbon sauces. This is a sure winner!


  • Mexican

    • Chicken Tostada

      Crispy-fried white flour tortilla topped with shredded fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, turnips, grilled chicken, drizzled with jalapeño dressing and BBQ sauce. A different way to enjoy a salad!


    • Chicken Fajitas

      Grilled chicken breast tossed with sauteed green bell peppers served on a cast iron skillet, served with special jambalaya rice, grilled corn on the cob, grilled white flour tortilla, BBQ sauce, fresh jalapeño salsa and jalapeño mayo


    • Cajun Fish Tacos

      Fish fingers fried until golden brown, tossed in homemade buffalo sauce, over freshly shredded cabbage with fresh salsa, topped with 100% mozzarella cheese, broiled and served between flour tortillas. Comes with corn, loads of fries, jalapeño mayo and even more salsa!


    • Crispy Jalapeño Burger

      Their original patty grilled to perfection, smothered with jalapeño mayo, mozzarella cheese, broiled until brown, topped with fried tortilla and fresh jalapeño salsa. Served with fried corn tortilla and even more jalapeño mayo and salsa... Mexico in a bun!


    • Ribs Quesadillas

      White flour tortilla, smothered with jalapeño mayo and filled generously with ribs, freshly shredded cabbage, BBQ sauce and jalapeño mayo. Served with more jalapeño mayo, jalapeño salsa and BBQ sauce.


    • Four Cheese and Garlic Quesadillas

      Freshly grated cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan, and secret homemade cheese sauce sprinkled generously with fresh garlic


    • Chicken Quesadillas

      Sauteed Tex-Mex chicken with caramelized red and green bell peppers, and onions


    • Mexican Beef Quesadillas

      Thinly-sliced sirloin seasoned and cooked with caramelized onions, red and green bell peppers


    • Quesadilla Platter

      Mexican beef, chicken, and four-cheese quesadillas all in one plate


  • Desserts and Pies

    • Chocolate Dipping Sticks

      Crunchy and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth pastry sticks drizzled with dark chocolate and cream cheese sauce, to dip in even more chocolate sauce!


    • Double Chocolate Overload

      A chocolate lover's dream! Soft moist chocolate cake with vanilla ice ream and chocolate crust, topped with loads of hot chocolate fudge.


    • Banana Apple Crumble

      Sweet and tart banana and apple compote baked with crunchy cheese crumble topping then served ala mode.


    • Vanilla Caramel Pudding

      Old-fashioned goodness of homemade warm caramel pudding, drizzled with light vanilla sauce.