Carmen's Best Ice Cream Salcedo Village

150 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati

Ice Cream

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Open M-Su: 24HRS

Carmen's Best Ice Cream Menu

  • Our Flavors

    • Buttern Pecan

      We use freshly churned butter from our dairy farm and throw in a generous sprinkling of lightly roasted U.S. pecans. Delicate and divine.

    • Spanish Turon

      Turron de Jijona is nougat obtained by cooking honey and adding toasted almonds and egg whites. We’ve brought that sweet treat home from Spain and turned it into delectable ice cream.

    • Milk Chocolate

      Only pure Swiss cocoa is used to create this classic chocolate ice cream that is just a little sweeter and a little lighter than normal. You’ll find every excuse to use this dependable flavor: in a cup, cone, ice cream sandwich or milkshake!

    • Malted Milk

      Made with Horlicks and Maltesers, this combination is your childhood self's favorite treat. Indulge and take a trip down memory lane.

    • Rocky Road

      Overloaded rich chocolate ice cream with pillowy marshmallows and toasted nuts sounds like the perfect guilty pleasure. Take a bite and remember the good old days with this classic favorite.

    • Cheese

      We couldn't get enough of this Pinoy favorite, so we made our own version. Using the creamiest base from our milk and the best local cheese we could find, the result is decadent and delicious queso sorbetes you won't find elsewhere.

    • Salted Caramel

      Making our own caramel is a process that demands precision and care. We do it because we want nothing less than what’s homemade and real. Combine that with local rock salt and you get this deep, decadent flavor that is equal parts sweet, equal parts salty, and all parts yummy.

    • Dark Chocolate

      Chocoholics, rejoice! We use the best dark cocoa from Switzerland to make our dark chocolate ice cream deep and intense — pretty much like your cravings when you get a taste of this.

    • Eggnog

      Once upon a time, people smuggled whiskey to make eggnog for their Christmas party and it was called the Eggnog Riot. Fortunately, you live in the present day, where we make fantastic eggnog ice cream by mixing it with Jamaican rum and brandy. No smuggling needed.

    • Brazilian Coffee

      Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer, which is why we rely on them to produce freshly roasted beans that will fuel this signature flavor. Mixed with fresh cow's milk from our dairy farm, this ice cream captures the taste and aroma of your requisite cup o’ joe. Ice cream in the mornings, perhaps?

    • Ube

      Only the finest ube from Baguio City is used for this classic Filipino favorite. Combined with fresh cream from our farm, this flavor is a testament to the pleasant surprises the tropics may yield

    • Avocado

      Avocados are among the world's healthiest foods, and they taste unbelievably good for a fruit. That's why we treat this flavor with reverence by using only fresh, local avocados and pure cream from our dairy farm. Indulge and recall breezy summer afternoons with every spoonful.

    • Kahlua Coffee

      The sweet bitterness of Kahlua combined with earthy coffee roast from Brazil gives this ice cream a full-bodied, robust flavor. Caution: mildly intoxicating.

    • Butterscotch Pecan

      Our homemade butterscotch and roasted pecans are what we use to make this extremely sinful treat. We’ve even added a touch of Scotch whisky, in case you need more convincing.

    • Maple Walnut

      Real maple syrup is costly, rare, and delicious. We use the best of its kind from Canada and combine it with U.S. walnuts to get this “breakfast in a pint” treat. Waffles, anyone?

    • Strawberry

      Strawberry is a classic ice cream flavor, but is too often ruined by artificial colorings and flavorings to imitate its sweet, berry taste. Not us! We only use red, juicy strawberries for that honest to goodness strawberry flavor.

    • Coconut

      Who knew the lowly coconut could taste so luxurious? The balance of tropical coconut milk and our sweet cream base creates this rich, indulgent treat that's just perfect for summer.

    • Coffe Almond Fudge

      Our homage to the popular Baskin-Robbins flavor, Jamoca® ice cream. Brazilian coffee, U.S. almonds and ribbons of our homemade fudge are what give justice to this glorious creation.

    • Cookies and Cream

      Who can resist milk and cookies? Double Stuffed Oreo cookies doubles the goodness of this ice cream flavor. You needn’t twist, lick and dunk—just scoop in and feel like a kid again.

    • Madagascar Vanilla

      We use Madagascar vanilla pods and scrape the precious beans within to get pure, unadulterated vanilla. This is us tipping our hat to the sublime; our ode to an ice cream classic.

    • Pistachio Almond Fudge

      During the 1960s, ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins made Pistachio Almond Fudge. We missed it so much that we made our own version using U.S. almonds, Sicilian pistachios and our homemade fudge. Take a bite and savor the nostalgia.

    • Cookie Dough

      Riddled with chocolate chips and made with buttery cookie dough, this flavor is perfect for kids and kids-at-heart who could never wait for those freshly baked cookies to cool.

    • Honey

      We wanted to create something sinful from something so simple. So, we use fresh, unfiltered honey for this flavor that’s sure to get you buzzing.

    • Cereal Meal

      Our friends from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York have shared their celebrated recipe with us. Frosted flakes and fresh cow's milk from Holly's recreate that scrumptious iconic flavor.

    • Hokey Pokey

      Smooth, vanilla ice cream sprinkled with crunchy bits of honeycomb toffee—it's our best attempt to bring Australia and New Zealand's favorite ice cream flavor to our shores.

    • Hazelnut Fudge

      We wanted to upgrade hazelnuts to a whole new level, so we mixed it with our homemade fudge and discovered this highly addicting treat. Hey, Nutella fans, it’s here and it’s a godsend!

    • Green Tea

      Authentic Matcha tea from Japan is used to make our green tea ice cream. Absolutely no artificial coloring or flavorings are used to create that soft green hue. Enjoy its soothing flavor enhanced with the richness of silky, sweet cream.

    • Tres Leches

      Milk, milk and more milk! The Mexican dessert, Tres Leches, is a butter cake soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated, condensed and heavy cream. We love it dearly, so we decided to make an ice cream version of it by combining it with even more milk. Here's to our love for all things buttery and creamy.

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