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Sonema Square, 44 N. Domingo St. , Valencia, Quezon City
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Dapper Don's Services

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    The Signature

    Classic precision haircut with shampoo and blow-dry. Barber's massage with hot towel treatment, Mustache & beard trim and lastly pomade styling for a dapper finish


    Young Guns

    Basic haircut for the young gents ages 12 below. Start 'em young as they say


    Quick and Slick

    Quick, classic and clean haircut with shampoo and styling


    Head Shave

    Clean straight razor shave for a detailed neat look. Comes with a hot towel treatment and a soothing head massage


    Hot Lather Shave

    Our signature hot lather shave using premium cream dine with a straight razor, comes with a hot and cold towel treatment, a soothing facial massage topped with our premium after-shave


    Sculpt & Shape

    For the fine gents blessed with a grass grin. Detailed sculpting and grooming to keep your staches and beard in shape


    The Throwback

    Blending the grey away, throwing back 10 years younger complete with a scalp massage and stylish. We only use organic Schwarzkopf products


    Mentholated Scalp Treatment

    Can't go wrong with this. Rehydrate your hair with this minty hair spa. This also comes with a relaxing scalp and shoulder massage