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G/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave, Mandaluyong
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Juan Carlos de Terry serves Spanish and European-influenced cuisine that inspires and creates excitement. The wine list from Terry's Gourmet store is also impressive with selection from all over the world without extra charge.

Terry's Bistro Menu

  • Recommended Dishes

  • Classic Tortillas (Omelettes)

    Breakfast Menu

    Tortilla Espanola

    A classic of all the Spanish regions, "Espanola" is the name given to the timeless and beloved plain Spanish omelette stuffed only with sliced fried potatoes


    The Perfect Tortilla with Gambas al Ajillo

    Creatively stuffed with Madrid's traditional flavors of shrimp and garlic. Enjoy JC de Terry's modern version of the classic Spanish omelette!


    Tortilla Jabuguena

    The Chorizo Iberico-Bellota from Spain gives the definite master's touch to this unique Andalusian omelette


    Duelos y Quebrantos

    A hearty omelette with shoestring potatoes, aged Rioja pancetta, pork loin, Chorizo Terry and Jamon Serrano, bathed with Pisto Manchego sauce


  • Spanish Egg Delicacies

    Breakfast Menu

    Huevos a La Madrilena

    Served with "Ropa Vieja" on the side. Two eggs (fried or scrambled) with Cocido beef flakes known in Spain as "Ropa Vieja", sauteed to perfection, and accompanied with your choice of steamed or fried rice


    Huevos Rotos "Casa Lucio"

    Cooked in a Spanish cazuela. Two fried eggs on a bed of Patatas Manchegas enriched with sauteed Chorizo Iberico. A must try!


    Hispano-Filipino Breakfast

    Crunchy Tawilis Adobados and scrambled eggs topped with pancetta from Rioja, accompanied with fried rice


    Huevos Con Jamon Iberico

    Two eggs (fried or scrambled) accompanied with slightly crunchy Jamon Iberico, served on toasted, open-faced Pan-Tumaca baguette


    Huevos de Pamplona

    Two eggs (fried or scrambled) accompanied with grilled Chistorritos de Pamplona, served on toasted, open-faced Pan-Tumaca baguette


    Huevos Rioja con Pancetta Alejandro

    Two eggs (fried or scrambled) on a bed of steamed or fried rice, accompanied with an exceptional Pancetta Adobada served on toasted, open-faced Pan-Tumaca baguette


    Ilongga-Cadiz Fusion Eggs

    Two eggs (fried or scrambled) on a bed of garlic rice sauteed with chopped Chorizo Iberico (an all-time rice dish known as "kalo-kalo" in Iloilo) paired with toasted, open-faced Pan-Tumaca baguette on the side


    Huevos Barcelona

    Two eggs (fried or scrambled) on a bed of steamed or fried rice, served with Butifarra sausages on toasted, open-faced baguette with a pleasant touch of Alioli sauce


    Piggy High and Eggs

    Two eggs (fried or scrambled) on a bed of steamed or fried rice, accompanied with pan-seared Chorizo Terry served on toasted, open-aced Pan-Tumaca baguette


  • Specialty of the House

    Breakfast Menu


    Served with BLANXART hot chocolate. Terry's version of "churros" made with portions of French bread. Picatostes are first dipped in milk and sweet Sherry, then golden-fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Served with a cup of hot chocolate for you to dunk the afternoon away!


  • Sides

    Breakfast Menu

    Plain Rice


    Garlic Fried Rice




    French Fries


    Bread Basket




  • Pastry Delights

    Breakfast Menu

    French Butter Croissant


    BLANXART Chocolate Croissant



    Made from special French butter dough






    Terry's Ensaymada

    Enhanced with Manchego cheese


    Tarta de Santiago

    Ideal for sharing


    Tarta Imperial Rusa

    Almond-butter Russian Imperial Praline Tart


    BLANXART Chocolate Cake

    Crowned with Spanish Peaches


    Whole 2250.00

    Slice 295.00

    BLANXART Chocolate Truffle Cake

    Velvety rich, 60% Blanxart chocolate


    Whole 2250.00

    Slice 295.00

    Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

    A traditional indulgence!


    Whole 2250.00

    Slice 295.00

    Saffron Cheese Cake

    This Terry's original delight is smooth and beautifully flavoured, drizzled with caramel cream


    Whole 2750.00

    Slice 325.00

  • Fruit Shakes & Juices

    Breakfast Menu

    Mango Shake


    Melon Shake


    Cucumber Shake


    Carrot Shake


    Lychee Shake


    Orange Shake


    Dalandan Juice


    Calamansi Juice with Honey


    Fresh Lemonade


  • Cold Appetizers

    Fresh Oysters Shucked As You Order

    Served with our delicate, lightly spiced homemade lemon Worcester sauce


    8pcs 770.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 125.00

    Finest White Asparagus of Navarra

    The "Rolls Royce" of white asparagus with your choice of homemade Alioli sauce or Dijon Mayonnaise


    4pcs 995.00

    Basque Piquillos Stuffed with Tuna Belly

    Swathed with our luscious anchovy mayonnaise


    4pcs 630.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 160.00

    Suspiros de Santona

    Slices of farm-fresh tomatoes, dressed with Spanish balsamic vinaigrette topped with tuna belly flakes and our homemade anchovy mayonnaise


    5pcs 620.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 160.00

    Jamon "Iberico" 24 Months

    Carved upon order


    per 100g 995.00

    Jamon Iberico-Bellota Montaraz 36 Months


    per 100g 1235.00

    Iberico Bellota Platter

    A unique Iberico-Bellota combination of Lomo Doblado, Jamon, Chorizo and Salchichon


    140g 1795.00

    Spanish Regional Cold Cut Selection

    Cabeza de Lomo, Jamon de Teruel D.O., Fuet and Chorizo de Pamplona


    160g 820.00

    European Cheese and Cold Cut Platter

    Jamon de Teruel, Chorizo Pamplona, Fuet, Manchego, Stilton & Brie de Meaux or Cambozola


    240g 1235.00

    Add On

    Bread (Baguette or Ciabatta) 75.00

    Rice (Garlic or Steamed) 75.00

  • Al Ajillo Specialties

    Warm Appetizers

    Gambas al Ajillo

    The sizzling, spicy and garlicky Spanish favorite, cooked in extra virgin olive oil


    Angulas al Ajillo

    Sizzling surimi Elver eels and sauteed in our traditional blend of extra virgin olive oil, fried garlic and cayenne peppers


    Artichokes and Jamon al Ajillo

    Melt-in-your-mouth hearts of artichoke sauteed in garlic and garnished with Jamon Serrano shavings


    Mushrooms and Jamon al Ajillo

    Organic shiitake mushrooms sauteed in garlic and garnished with Jamon Serrano shavings


    Almejas a La Marinera

    Fresh clams cooked in harmonious combination of dry Sherry, pimenton de La Vera, garlic and extra virgin olive oil


    Oven Baked Oysters

    Infused with lemon zest, crowned with melted "La Corrala" and sprinkled with Parmesan


    6pcs 775.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 135.00

  • Specialty Croquettes

    Warm Appetizers

    Gambas & Scallops Bechamel Croquettes

    The freshest selection of crustaceans cooked in a unique Port-based bechamel

    Jamon Iberico and Chicken Croquettes

    Crisp-tender Jamon Montaraz and chicken bechamel croquettes

    Cinco Jotas Bechamel Croquettes

    Bechamel croquettes filled with Jamon Iberico Cinco Jotas

    Three Cheese Bechamel Croquettes

    A beguiling bechamel croquette creation made of three exceptional European cheeses: Manchego, Enmmental and Gorgonzola

    Super Cochinillo Confit Croquettes

    A creative and lovely culinary concept. Only at Terry's!


    6pcs 480.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 80.00

  • Specialty Pinchos & Tapas

    Warm Appetizers

    "Tempurized" Oysters

    Fresh oysters lovingly wrapped in the original "Tempura" batter first brought to Japan by Jesuit priests during the 16th century. "Tempora" in Latin means "food for Lent"


    6pcs 780.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 130.00

    Galician Style Pulpo

    Slices of pulpo showered with our premium olive oil crowned with Pimenton de La Vera sprinkled with rock salt as marked by Galician tradition


    Crunchy Calamares

    Crunchy Andalusian style squid rings, served with Terry's exclusive squid ink Alioli dip


    Tawilis Adobados

    Freshwater herring from Taal Lake, marinated in the traditional fish adobo from Cadiz, deep fried in extra virgin olive oil


    Crispy Bacalao

    Crunchy, flaky bits of codfish, crowned with a dollop of our delicious Alioli sauce


    Chorizo Terry on Piggy Back

    Terry's famous homemade chorizo, flambeed with Sherry brandy


    Pinchos de Chorizo Alejandro

    Unique pinchos of Rioja Chorizo cooked in a delightful Rioja wine reduction then laid on a bed of "Patatas Riojanas"


    8pcs 895.00

    Stuffed Asturian Piquillo Peppers

    An amazing combination pf Piquillo peppers and Cabrales bechamel, bathed with chopped Chistorra de Pamplona bathed with a distinctive Balsamic sauce


    4pcs 555.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 140.00

    Manchego Dumplings

    Fresh Manchego cheese and Iberico salami tucked into crunchy wonton pockets


    4pcs 545.00

    Add On

    Additional piece 130.00

    Asturian Cachopitos

    Crispy rolled strips of Black Angus, Jamon Serrano, Piquillo pepper and melted Manchego cheese. Served with Brava sauce and shoestring fries


  • Specialty Soups

    The Elegant Oyster Soup

    A unique melange of freshly shucked oysters and baby artichokes enriched with fresh sage and julienned vegetables


    All-Time Cocido Madrileno Soup

    A hearty clear fideo (capellini) soup enriched with chicken and hard-boiled quail eggs with a touch of organic mint leaves


    Shepherd Codfish Bouillabaise

    This French shepherd's flavorful soup was inspired by the renowned Chef Pierre Reboul from Aix-en-Provence, France


    Pumpkin Soup

    This Terry's classic is a singular blend of roasted pumpkin and saffron cream, created by Spanish Clarissian nuns in the 16th century


    Tomato and Basil Soup

    A heart-warming fresh tomato cream, with a subtle touch of fresh basil


    Our Classic Onion and Gruyere Soup

    A truly sumptuous expression of the classic onion soup, topped with melted Gruyere cheese


  • Salads

    Terry's Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce tossed with our velvety garlic-anchovy cream, topped with Parmesan shavings, homemade croutons and oven-baked Jamon Serrano crisps


    Soft Shell Crab on Greens (Seasonal)

    Pan-seared soft-shell crab on a bed of romaine lettuce julienne and wild arugula, tossed with Dijon-Balsamic vinaigrette


    Green Garden Treats

    Fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumber, chickpeas, corn, hard-boiled egg and nuts tossed with our flavorful Sherry-Balsamic vinaigrette and showered with Parmesan shavings


    The King's Ransom Stilton Salad

    Grilled shrimps, English farmhouse Stilton cheese, Rioja smoked pancetta, pomelo and organic greens and nuts are harmonized to perfection by our Stilton-Balsamic vinaigrette


  • Seafood Creations

    Stuffed Squid in Sea Shrimp Confit Sauce

    Filled with Jamon Serrano, ground pork loin and vegetables


    4pcs 525.00

    Catch of the Day

    Pan-seared fish fillet with diced potatoes, lightly tossed in a warm fresh herb Alioli sauce


    The Perfect Salmon

    Pan-seared fresh Norwegian salmon served with a distinguished sauce made of Spanish Cava, smoked salmon, organic dill and Dijon whole grain mustard


    Seafood Caldereta

    The freshest soft-shell crab, gambas, clams, fish fillet and squid rings stewed in a garlic, onion and pimenton creation


    Good for two 1090.00

    Bacalao Al Pil-Pil

    As this Icelandic codfish is slowly sauteed with garlic slivers in extra virgin olive oil, its juices emulsify into a delicate viscous sauce!


    A Seafood Curry Masterpiece

    A harmonious creation of fish fillet, scallop, shrimps, squid rings and clams in a luscious curry cream served with sauteed Indian Basmati rice


  • Terry's Specialties

    Fabada Asturiana

    Spain's famed bean casserole, cooked with special chorizo and Morcilla imported from Asturias, Jamon Serrano, pork belly and a graceful touch of Spanish saffron


    Pork Pata with Garbanzos in Menudo Sauce

    A sole culinary inspiration and a friendly tribute from JC Terry to Chef Mayte Commodore, a Madrid icon on heritage cuisine


    Cocido Madrileno

    Madrid's quintessential stew which brings together Terry's best chorizo and Morcilla Iberico-Bellota, beef shank, pork belly, chicken, Andalusian chickpeas and fresh vegetables all thoroughly simmered to perfection in a flavorful beef broth


    Good for sharing 1115.00

    Callos a La Andaluza

    Our unique ox tripe stew enriched with chorizo Terry, Andalusian chickpeas and Jamon Serrano


    Iberico Lentil Stew

    Beluga Lentils, Jamon Iberico chorizo and morcilla, together with cured pancetta Iberica, all cooked to perfection. This is JC terry's homage to his Andalusian roots!


    Terry's Caldereta

    The genuine Spanish and most emblematic goat stew from the Extremadura region, made from the finest ingredients imported from the unique culinary region of Extremadura


    Good for sharing 885.00

    Rabo de Toro en Chilindron

    Slowly stewed ox tail with Jamon de Teruel, fresh and sundried vegetables and Rioja wine. The term "Chilindron" has its origins in the regions of Aragon and Rioja in Northern Spain


    Lengua a La Sevillana

    Ox tongue cooked in a delicate dry La Guita Sherry sauce, rich in mushrooms shallots confit and the best Manzanilla olives from Seville, Spain


    Terry's Meat Market

    An ensemble of four succulent meats: black Angus tenderloin, organic chicken breast, lamb steak and lamb cutlet - all grilled to perfection and topped with "Espanola" sauce. Served with steak potatoes and piquillo pepper salad


  • Meats & Poultry

    14-Ounce Wagyu New York Strip

    The Center-Cut Wagyu New York Strip, aged for a minimum of 35 days, it is one of the most popular steaks. Its intense marbling and aging process combine for spectacular richness and flavor


    400g 3260.00

    Terry's Special Black Angus Steak

    Requires 6-hour advanced order. Spanish-style bone-in steak (chuleton) served with Rioja wine sauce accompanied with steakhouse fries and roasted Piquillo peppers


    1kg (Good for four people) 4470.00

    Prime Black Angus Rib Eye Steak

    Carefully selected premium Black Angus meat served with steakhouse fries, garlic confit, and our flavorful steak sauce


    400g 2790.00

    Black Angus Salpicao

    Tender chunks of USDA Prime Black Angus rib eye and garlic slivers sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and bathed in our very own Salpicao sauce. Served with steamed rice or garlic rice


    Chuletillas de Cordero

    Premium New Zealand lamb cutlets on a bed of grilled Piquillo peppers, garlic-infused mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables drizzled with a distinctive Ribera del Duero wine reduction


    Lamb Shank in Chilindron Sauce

    Chilindron is a Spanish lamb dish from the Rioja and Aragon regions cooked in a hearty sauce made of roasted red peppers, shallots, paprika and Jamon Serrano enriched with famous Tempranillo


    Super-Cochinillo Confit

    This one-of-a-kind suckling pig confit creation is served with an arroz Bomba risotta, caramelized shallots and Calanda peaches drizzled with muscobado syrup


    Duck Confit

    A crisp duck leg confit served with French Malbec sauce and Salardaise potatoes, classic of the French Perigord region


    Chicken Pepitoria

    Imported chicken thigh in an elegant saffron-based sauce served with rice pilaf and shoestring fries


    Coq Au Vin

    This traditional Burgundy chicken specialty is enriched with diced and roasted pork belly and caramelized shallots, served with full bodied red wine sauce and shoestring fries


    San Jacobo // Schnitzel // Cordon Bleu

    The all-time Spanish, French and Austrian meat dish made of pounded pork wrapped around a slice of Jamon Iberico Bellota and Manchego cheese filling, crispy breaded and deep fried in our best olive oil. Served with your choice of tossed greens or Chef fries


    Albondigas in Chorizo Iberico Sauce

    Pork, beef and chicken meatballs cooked in a Chorizo Iberico sauce, set on a bed of buttered rice and topped with shoestring fries


  • Spanish Omelettes

    Tortilla Espanola

    Plain hearty potato omelette enjoyed any time of the day


    Tortilla Cinco Jotas

    One-of-a-kind omelette made unforgettable by the Cinco Jotas Jamon Iberico bechamel



    A distinctive omelette stuffed with a delightful combination of slow cooked onion, potatoes and roasted Piquillo sauteed with Chorizo Alejandro from Rioja



    The Chorizo Iberico-Bellota from Spain gives the master's touch to this singular Andalusian omelette


  • Pasta Creations

    Gnocchi in Gorgonzola Sauce

    Homemade potato pasta shells in creamy Gorgonzola and wild mushroom sauce, garnished with prosciutto crisps


    Bologna Mia!

    Prosciutto, pancetta, ground beef, chopped pork and duck liver are gracefully married in a tomato, basil and wine reduction, laid on a bed of our exclusive Mancini Fusilli


    Aglio E Oleo A Mancini Pasta Delicacy

    Shrimps with garlic on spaghetti sprinkled with Italian parsley, Parmesan shavings and Riofrio Alma de Caviar


    Mediterranean Thrills

    Mancini enhanced with best Mediterranean culinary symbols: goat's milk cheese, olives, capers, roasted garlic slivers, extra virgin olive oil, roasted pine nuts and fresh Italian parsley


    Mar Y Tierra

    Pasta Mancini tossed in a light cream-based Parmesan sauce with Norwegian salmon and organic shiitake mushrooms sprinkled with oven-baked prosciutto crisps


    Angel's Nest

    Pasta Mancini lavished with a splendid combination of shrimps, diver's scallop and squid rings bathed with our Gruyere-Emmental Newburg sauce



    Mancini Premium Pasta Options:



    Penne Rigate

  • Specialty Risottos & Paellas

    Dinuguan Risotto

    A Filipino-Spanish risotto made of pork meat and black sausage enriched with Basque chili peppers and a gentle touch of sherry vinegar. A trendy fusion recipe created by JC Terry on the occasion of the first Madrid-Fusion-Manila in May 2015!


    Good for two 670.00

    Capricho Espanol

    A Terry's risotto creation. Calsaparra Bomba rice, Jamon Iberico, shrimps, scallops, Manchego cheese, Arteoliva Olive Oil and La Guita Sherry are superbly married in delicate consonance. OUR RICH DISH SIGNATUE


    Good for two 1675.00

    Soft-Shell Crab Risotto (Seasonal)

    A delicious, crispied soft-shell crab on seafood cheese risotto


    Terry's Seafood Paella

    A luscious combination of Valencia rice, shrimps, tuna belly, pulpo, stuffed baby squid and Visayan clams


    Good for two 1380.00

    Black Paella

    Valencia rice cooked in our famous squid ink, seafood and vegetable broth made rich with shrimps, squid rings and clams. Served with Alioli sauce


    Good for two 1380.00

    Super Paella Parellada

    An original recipe from Siete Puertas Restaurant in Barcelona combining saffron-based broth with shrimps, squid rings, pork, chicken, Butifarra and Spanish Chorizo


    Good for two 1380.00