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Faces & Curves Services

  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Rates will be given upon consultation

    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    Tummy tuck involves removing the loose skin of your lower abdomen and tightens the skin of your upper abdomen. This also removes all the fat as well as the stretch marks in the lower abdomen and suturing together the fascia/abdominal muscles in the midline if there's a need to do so. The goal is to have a flat abdomen minus the excess skin and excess fats. The trade off for this procedure is the long horizontal scar in the lower abdomen which will be hidden by most underwear. You would look better with a flatter abdomen and scars than you are with a bulging and protruding belly.

    Body Fat Surgery / Sculpturing

    Liposuction involves removing specific areas of diet-resistant fat, such as the outer thighs, arms, hips, neck, and abdomen with the use of a narrow metal tube called a cannula, attached to a vacuum. If your only problem is excess fat, then Lipo is a good choice. However, if you have loose skin or stretch marks, your skin will not tighten and in some case it may look worse after suction assisted lipectomy (SAL). Liposuction gets rid of fats in the deep layer; it will not get rid of your cellulite nor is it a substitute for weight loss. Lipo-sculpturing is the term used to take out fats in specific areas to contour the body. Fats taken from liposuction may be processed and transferred thru injection to specific areas which need fullness like the face and buttocks. If you have excess skin, other procedures may be used like the Tummy tuck, an arm lift or a thigh lift.




    Fat Transfer

    Body Lift

    Arm Lift - The procedure of choice if you have excess, loose skin in your body, arms and thighs. This usually is the case when a patient looses so much weight leaving behind the excess skin which will not be corrected by liposuction alone. This involves having long scars in the arms or thighs hidden on the natural skin crease/fold. As with Tummy tuck, a comprehensive evaluation prior to the procedure is a must for you to make a well informed decision prior to your surgery. Mesotherapy - Mesotherapy is a practice of using microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medication and/or vitamins into the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin. The goal is to improve blood flow, remove fibrotic, hardened connective tissues, improve lymphatic drainage and even dissolve excess fat deposits. The aesthetic use of it is on the reduction of fats and cellulite removal. Although there is no known study on the use of Mesolipo for large fatty areas, anecdotal reports have been made. At Faces and Curves, we offer its use to clients with minimal fat deposits under the chin, face, arms, abdomen and its use on post-liposuction skin surface irregularities and dimples.


    Body Lift

    Thigh Lift

    Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

    Breast Surgery/Breast Augmentation

    Breast enlargement or augmentation involves placing a breast implant under the breast to enhance the size of the breast. Most women seeking this procedure would only want to have an increase in the size of their breast; however, some would like to have this done to correct asymmetry in the breast size. Drooping of the breast and asymmetry in the nipple areola complex will not be addressed by breast augmentation.

    Breast Reduction/ Breast Lift

    Breast reduction entails removal of excess skin, breast tissue and fat. This is the procedure of choice of many women with large heavy breast that causes severe neck and back pain, skin irritation, rashes under the breast and sometimes open wounds under the bra strap which is very annoying and most of the time interfere with quality of life. The goal of the procedure is to restore the breast to its youthful appearance and shape. It moves the nipple areola complex to a higher position, reduces the size of the breast that is higher on the chest wall and is more cosmetically pleasing. The scars are usually placed around the areola with or without an inverted T scar below it. Breast Lift or Mastopexy involves removal of the skin to bring back the breast to its normal level giving it a more youthful appearance. This is the procedure of choice for patients who are satisfied with their breast size but don't want a sagging or drooping breast. As with breast reduction the scars are around the areola and an inverted T scar below it.

    Buttocks Augmentation

    Buttocks enlargement or augmentation involves placing a silicone gel implant inside the muscle of the buttocks or placing the harvested fat from the abdomen, injected on the fatty layer of the buttocks. Most women seeking this procedure would only want to have an increase in the projection of the buttocks; however, some would like to have this done to correct asymmetry in size.


    Buttocks Augmentation

    Buttocks Reduction

    Buttocks Lift

    Chin Augmentation/Reduction

    Chin Augmentation can be done either by using solid implants or with the use of fillers tailored to fit the patient's profile. This in turn will make a retruded chin in perfect balance with the nasal profile. Reduction involves bone resection either taking care of length, projection or both.

    Cheek Augmentation

    Cheek Augmentation entails placing of well carved solid implant to give fullness and projection to the flat cheek bones. Infiltration of fillers can elevate as well but you will need at least 3-4 ml of the filler to get a fairly high cheek projection.

    Lip Augmentation

    Lip Augmentation is used to increase the fullness of the upper lip, the lower lip or both. Fillers can be used as well as sheet implants. The ease of injecting fillers makes it popular but the only drawback is that, it's not permanent. With the advent of Ellanse, fillers tend to last up to 4 years.

    Dimple Creation

    Incisions made inside the mouth attaching part of the skin to the deeper muscular structures will create dimples on the cheeks, however this is visible even if the patient is in the relax facial state for at least 3-6 months.

    Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

    Repair Of The Prominent Ear Deformity - Correction of the prominent ears usually involves suturing of the pliable cartilage or resection of the cartilage or a combination of both. This may be done as early as 10 years of age. The scars are placed at the back of the ears and are indiscernible after several months.


    Prominent Ear Repair

    Creation/Repair of Ear Deformity

    Torn Earlobe Repair

    Torn Earlobes are commonly seen in female patients who wear heavy earrings; the repair involves resection of the healed area and re-suturing of the edges on both sides.

    Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

    Eyelid Surgery may be done either on the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both. It can also be used to transform an Asian eyelid (absent upper eyelid fold) to make them more natural-looking. Scars will usually fall along your lower lash line or in your upper lid crease and will become indiscernible within a few weeks. Excess skin, muscle and fats maybe removed during the procedure.


    Upper (Eyelid) Blepharoplasty

    Lower (Eyelid) Blepharoplasty

    Creation of Upper Eyelid Fold

    Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

    Sagging cheeks/necklines, jowls, deep wrinkles, lateral hoods are inevitable effects of aging. Face lift Surgery involves tightening, removal of the loose skin, and lifting the deep facial tissues thereby giving you a youthful and a refresh look. The effects of face lift surgery usually last an average of 5-10 years. It can be complemented by doing either an eyelid surgery, neck lift or a brow lift and even fat transfers, and liposuction. Adjunctive procedures to Face lift Surgery include Chemical Peels, Resurfacing, Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion, and Rejuvenating Facials which are also available at Faces and Curves, under direct supervision from our Skin Care Specialist.


    Temporal Lift

    Mid-face Lift

    Neck Lift

    Forehead Lift

    Forehead Lift/Brow Lift - Brow lift (Forehead lift) entails restoring or raising your eyebrows to its original position. It is also used to minimize horizontal lines of your forehead as well as to improve the lines between your eyebrows and possibly the extra skin at the corner of your eyes.

    Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

    Nose Surgery involves reshaping the appearance of your nose by altering the underlying cartilage, bone and/or placing solid implants (Silicone/Gore-Tex/Medpore). The goal is to reshape the nose and tailor it to be in harmony with the rest of the face by either making a large nose smaller, a wide nose thinner, correcting a nasal hump, trimming a flared alae, correcting tip projection or a combination of any of the procedure.


    Rhinoplasty (Augmentation/Reduction)

    Alarplasty (Narrowing/Reduction)

    Tip Plasty

  • Reconstructive Surgery

    Cleft Lip / Palate

    Birth defect which involves the non-fusion of the lip is called a cleft lip and incomplete fusion of the roof of the mouth is called a cleft palate. Reconstructive surgery can correct both defects to restore function in the mouth, lips as well as prevent speech defects which are very evident in an un-repaired cleft palate. He will be cared for by a team of specialist and patients may require a series of reconstruction to achieve symmetry and normal function.


    Revision Cleft Lip Repair

    Cleft Lip Repair

    Flap Surgery

    A flap is a section of living tissue that carries its own blood supply and is moved from one area of the body to another. Flap surgery can restore form and function to areas of the body that have lost skin, fat, muscle movement, and/or skeletal support.

    Hand Surgery

    Whether the defect is congenital or acquired, plastic surgeons can usually restore comfort, mobility, and normal appearance to patients with hand problems. Acquired defects include carpal tunnel and other painful conditions caused by pressure on the nerves (usually at the wrist).

    Other Reconstructive Procedure

    In addition to correcting cuts and other surface wounds, plastic surgeons also regularly treat both cancerous and non-cancerous growths and problems with the supporting structures beneath the skin as well as revision of bad scars that form after a traumatic injury. Skin cancers and growths are usually removed by excision and closure, in which the growth is simply removed completely with a scalpel, leaving a small thin scar. If the cancer is large or spreading, major surgery may be necessary, using flaps to reconstruct the affected area.

    Skin Grafts

    A wound that is wide and difficult or impossible to close directly may be treated with a skin graft. A skin graft is basically a patch of healthy skin that is taken from one area of the body, called the "donor site", and used to cover another area where skin is missing or damaged.

  • Skin & Facial Care

    Acne Care Programs - Advance Care Program

    The treatment consists of deep cleansing facial with acne control coupled with topical medicines and oral antibiotics. The treatment is customized to address their particular concern. Recommended for mild acne and pimples.

    Acne Care Programs - Problem-Prone Acne Care Program

    The treatment consists of deep cleansing facial with acne control coupled with topical medicines and oral antibiotics. The treatment is customized to address their particular concern. Recommended for mild acne and pimples.

    Acne Prone Facials - Deep Cleansing Facial with Acne Control recommended for mild acne and pimples

    The treatment uses a deep cleansing facial scrub to clear away skin toxins and impurities that causes breakouts, and acne, followed by acne surgery to bring back the natural clarity and radiant glow of the skin. The treatment takes an hour and can be done every week.

    Acne Prone Facials - Acne Control with Sonic Intrusion recommended for acne prone skin

    The treatment includes a deep cleansing facial scrub to stimulate collagen and elastin formation and eliminate skin toxins. This is followed by Sonic Intrusion for deep penetration of the acne control formula coupled with Acne surgery and Intralesional Injection of the acne prone skin. Treatment takes an hour and can be done every week until clarity of the skin has been attained.

    Cleansing Facial

    This treatment uses a hypoallergenic cleansing formula, a moisturizer coupled with a relaxing facial massage. The process stimulates the blood circulation allowing the growth of new skin as well as relaxing the tense facial muscles that causes early wrinkling. Recommended for people with relatively good and healthy skin. The treatment can be done every week and takes about 30-45 mins.

    Deep Cleansing Facial

    A cleansing facial that revitalizes your skin. This combines thorough cleaning and a relaxing face massage leaving your skin completely refreshed and hydrated. The procedure begins with an exfoliating process using different kinds of facial scrubs depending on your skin type. This is followed by deep pore cleansing and highlighted by a nourishing facial mask to tighten the skin. The treatment can be done every week and takes about 30-45 mins.

    Deep Cleansing Facial with Laser Toning

    A deep cleansing facial designed to deeply moisturize and tone the facial muscles through the use of pulse light. This stimulates the facial muscles and promotes new collagen and elastin formation of the skin thereby eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment takes 45-60 mins and can be done every two weeks or frequently as needed.

    Deep Cleansing Facial with Sonic Intrusion

    This includes a deep cleansing facial scrub followed by Sonic Intrusion using different skin treatments depending on your skin type. This stimulates collagen and elastin formation and eliminate toxins to give your skin a more radiant and fresh look. The treatment takes 45-60 mins and can be done every two weeks or frequently as needed.

    Age Defying Facial

    It's the ultimate facial procedure that involves the use of an Age-Defying (wrinkle) formula, a relaxing facial massage, sonic intrusion with warm and cold treatments to soothe stressed skin and make it taut and firm, followed by a firming mask to compliment the procedure. Treatment takes 45-60 mins and can be done every 2 weeks or more frequently as needed.

    Men's Facial

    This facial focuses on the overall skin condition of a man which combines cleansing, toning and gentle desquamation followed by a relaxing facial massage. The procedure targets specific skin problems of a man like shaving bumps and irritation leaving your skin glowing, healthier and smoother.

    Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

    Many people are burdened with excessive hair in places they don't want it. Laser hair removal has become a safe and effective method for treatment. At Faces and Curves we treat unwanted hair on the face, neck, back, legs, underarms, brow, and bikini line. Until recently, hair removal was only truly effective on patients with light skin tones. Due to advances in laser hair removal technology, Faces and Curves is able to effectively treat unwanted hair on all skin types regardless of ethnicity.

    Permanent Acne Scar Removal

    Skin needling : A breakthrough device for Acne Scars/ Stretch Marks

    Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment

    Benefit from this non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that boosts collagen stimulation using the latest radio frequency technology. The relaxing heat massaged through the electrode technology promotes blood circulation and tightens the skin, allowing the body to be gently contoured while stubborn fats are drained by your therapist towards key lymph nodes all over your body.

    Facial RF

    Laugh lines? Double chin? Sagging jaws? Forget about botox and facial surgery; let the RF Tx benefit you with the quick fix to firm - up those unwanted signs of ageing without the needle and knife. Treat your face to a healthy glow and instant face lift.

    Facial and Neck RF

    Women's neck and hands cannot deny their age, why limit the benefits of the RF Tx to your face alone when your neck can make you ten years younger?

    Facial, Neck, and Decolletage RF

    Frequent sun exposure and tanning loosens the skin on the chest area. Boost collagen regrowth; enjoy an easing RF lift on your face, neck, and decolletage to defy the sun's harmful effects and skin's natural ageing process.

    Arms and Back (Bra Line) RF

    No need to hide your arms and back under a shawl. Expose your new svelte arms and sexy back to the world with the latest RF Tx

    Abdominal RF

    A slimmer and curvaceous silhouette is finally within your reach without liposuction! Enjoy the comfort of warm RF waves and heat breaking down fat cells, as it tightens loose abdominal skin and creates a defined waist for a slender new you.

    Thighs (Inner and Outer) and Butt Lift RF

    Self-conscious about your wobbly thighs and saddle bags? Show off longer legs and a firmer derriere after a full lower RX Tx. Recommended for 10 sessions (Weekly), Maintenance is once every 2 to 3 weeks

    EURO Peel

    An advance skin peeling system that deeply penetrates the skin to hasten skin regeneration, lighten coarse hyper pigmented spots and even out the skin color. The treatment can be done every 4 weeks.

    Micro Peel

    A light chemical peel done after a deep cleansing facial to help control oil production, and even out skin color. Treatment can be done every 2 weeks.

    Fruit Acid Peel

    The treatment consists of using varying percentages of fruit acid-based peel tailored to fit the patient's skin type. This is use to treat sun-damaged, hyper pigmented, dull looking skin and bring back that natural young-looking glow.

    Diamond Peel

    The treatment uses the latest equipment for microdermabrasion. This innovative non-chemical exfoliation treatment corrects uneven skin texture and eliminates the signs of aging and sun damaged skin with no downtime. It also helps in the improvement of acne scars and stretch marks. For optimal results, a series of treatment is advised.

    Skin Whitening

    Thermal Sculpt Liposuction