go-en South Triangle

Unit B1 Jardin de Zenaida, 34 Sgt Esguerra Ave, South Triangle, Quezon City

Japanese, Ramen

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Open M-Th: 4PM-11PM;F-Su: 4PM-12MN

go-en Menu

  • Ramen (noodle me)

    • Shoyu

      About as traditional as Japanese Ramen gets; a dark soy sauce based soup. (hosomen, nori, menma, ajitsuke tamago, naganegi, chashu, naruto)


    • Karamiso

      A creamy miso soup based with a spicy kick; Hokkaido specialty. (hosomen, nori, menma, moyashi, ajitsuke tamago, naganegi, kakuni, corn, butter, naruto)


    • Cheese

      Mmmmm cheese, another innovative take on ramen chemistry. The miso based soup has moyashi, corn, ajitsuske tamago, and topped with a mound of minced pork and CHEESE! The little mountain echoes Fuji-san in winter. We're told the trick is to gracefully pluck your bites from the bowl while gently adding a bit of cheese each time but for those of us less 'Zen,' mixing it all together will work too


    • Kogashi Shoyu

      An edgy new ramen from Tokyo with a deep smoky shoyu flavor; imagine your favorite shoyu basted and flame grilled food and you're about half way there. (hosomen, ajitsuke tamago, menma, thin kakuni, shiraganegi, naruto)


    • go-En Ramen

      Seafood and veggies in a light broth go-en style. (hosomen, squid, cabbage, naganegi, negi, moyashi, with a big prawn on top)


    • Tantanmen

      A spicy sesame broth to put some fire in your belly; a little bit sweet and a little bit rock & roll. (hosomen, ajitsuke tamago, ground pork, naganegi, chingensai)


    • Kara-age Kare

      Will the madness never end! A hot new trend in ramen (yes pun intended) straight from the back streets of Tokyo. Our take on Kare Ramen has a zippy curry based soup with moyashi ajitsuke tamago, and cabbage topped with kara-age and kikurage. I guess you could say it's your momma's chicken noodle soup with a curry twist (that is if your momma happens to be a ramen chef)


    • Mabo Ramen

      Sichuan's most famous dish comes to you via Japan in our spiciest concoction to date. Mabotofu + ramen = Mabo Ramen. Cubed tofu and pork stri-fried with chilies, black bean paste & a few other tasty secrets. Like it really hot, crank it up to 11 with the ground red pepper on your table: hosomen, tofu, ground pork, green onions, ajitsuke tamago


    • Sukiyaki Ramen

      Here's another combo ramen that will keep you pondering "is it sukiyaki or ramen" well it's actually both. We took traditional ingredients for sukiyaki and magically melded them with our ramen to create an unexpected taste treat. A little sweet a little savory this dish will hit all your taste buds with a shot of flavor. A special ramen broth with thinly sliced beef, tofu, and veggies with three egg options



      Egg Options:

      1.Raw egg in (mix with the ramen)

      2. Raw egg on the side (lightly beat and use as a dip as with sukiyaki)

      3. Ajitsuke Tamago (the traditional ramen egg)

    • Wonton Tomato

      Our chef's own recipe came to fruition after an eclectic dream about the song "Guantanamera" and tomatos. A Latin inspired hearty tomato flavored soup with a surprisingly light taste. Topped with negi, pepper threads, shrimp/pork wontons and of course, tomato


    • Tsukemen

      Dipped ramen. Men (not the two-legged kind) and soup separated at birth rejoined here in this tasty dish. Do the noodle dip for a different experience. (futomen, menma, boiled egg, fried garlic chips, sauteed naganegi, chasshu, and kakuni)


    • Hiyashi

      Cold ramen, no soup at all but has creamy sesame based sauce. Great when it's hot and steamy outside and you want a little cold goodness inside. (hosomen, chicken, cucumber, egg strips, nori, benishoga)


    • Ramen Burger

      Shoyu or Kara-miso. ToGo or not ToGo. A portable package with all the taste of our standard ramen


    • Yaki-ramen

      What?! You thought were going to say "yakisoba," think again. Our ramen shoppe's version of that stir-fried 'soba' classic. (hosomen, pork, cabbage, carrots, benni shoga)


  • Noodless (noodle me not)

    • Tonkatsu

      Crunchy, deep-fried, breaded, pork cutlet with a side of tangy sauce, potato salad, and shredded cabbage


    • Katsudon

      Tonkatsu simmered in a light broth with beaten egg and negi served over rice


    • Okonomiyaki

      Often called a Japanese pizza or pancake it's a dish all to its own. This version is Osaka style. (chopped cabbage, egg, squid, sakura ebi, topped with pork, katsuboshi, ainori, and our special sauce)


    • Kara-age

      Japanese style fried chicken. Boneless chicken thigh pieces, garlicky battered and deep fried with our special sauce on the side. Great with our Japanese beers


    • Ebi-furai

      Two (2) big prawns 'panko' breaded and fried like our tonkatsu with potato salad and shredded cabbage (with dressing); tartar sauce and tonkatsu sauce on the side for dipping


  • SideBar

    • Small Plates & Sides

    • Gyoza

      Pan-fried Japanese dumplings filled with plenty of ground pork and vegetables; crunchy on one side and soft on the other


      5pcs 250.00

    • Chahan

      Fried rice Japanese style


    • Potato Salad

      Japanese style, you think you know potato salad, well probably not this one (and we mean that in the very best way)


    • Plain Rice

      You've had it before, you know what it is


    • Onigiri

      Cold rice, shaped in a triangle wrapped in nori; like sushi without all the complicated bits: 2 per order




    • Yakitori

      Marinated boneless chicken thigh pieces skewered with leeks and grilled to perfection


      3 sticks 150.00

    • California Maki

      Credited to a Japanese sushi chef in California, Ichiro Mashita, it's now served in Japan and world-wide


    • go-en Maki

      Kakuni and leeks in a sushi roll with a special sauce. (You didn't see that one coming did you?) A perfect companion for one of our flavorful Japanese cocktails


  • New Item

    • Kuro Ninniku Ramen

      Garlic Lovers your ramen has arrived! Black garlic plus two additional varieties of garlic artfully combined thinly sliced pork, menma, and ajitsuke tamago, topped with moyashi, naga-negi, and naruto.


      Regular 380.00

      d'Lite 238.00

    • Ebi Chahan

      A new twist on a long-time favorite, a light shrimp fried rice with veggies topped with nori and aonegi. (no pork)


    • Tebasaki

      Nagoya-style Tebasaki (chicken wings) crispy on the outside with a sweet & savory glaze with a bit of garlic and a black pepper kick


    • Kimchi Ramen

      Korean Spicy Cabbage infused ramen with ramped up heat range. (hosomen, thin sliced pork, kimchi, tofu, ajitsuke tamago)


    • Ebi Tempura

      Simple and light our Ebi Tempura are a great pairing with your main course or on their own


      4-5 pcs (depending on the weight) 250.00

    • Kani Sarada

      Crab sticks salad with shredded veggies in a light sauce


  • Ramen d' Lite

    • Shoyu


    • Sukiyaki


    • Mabo


    • Kogashi Shoyu


    • Go-En


    • Kara-age Kare


    • Karamiso


    • Wonton Tomato

      When you want something a bit lighter than our standard size ramen or you usually share with a friend but never seem to have enough soup then Ramen d' Lite is for you. A downsized version of our standard ramen with plenty of soup. Ramen d' Lite gives you all the flavor in a lighter package


  • Dessert

    • Mochi Ice Cream

      Handmade mochi with an ice cream filling



      Avocado 120.00/Calamansi/Strawberry w/ Cherry middle/Cherry 140.00/Chocolate 120.00 /Matcha 120.00/Original Sakura/Vanilla 120.00

    • Mochi Mochi Taiyaki

      Can you believe it, a waffle shaped like a fish; another festival favorite. This version has a mochi texture and is stuffed with sweet azuki beans


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