Greens Spot CafeCongressional

Casa Blanco Resto Hub, 26 Congressional Ave, Project 8, Quezon City


Open M-Th, Su: 11AM-9PM; F: 10AM-6PM; Sa: 6PM-10PM

Show your body some TLC with Greens Spot Cafe! Treat yourself to incredible, flavorful, and filling vegan and plant-based dishes that aren’t only healthy and delectable but will leave you feeling guilt-free with every bite.

Greens Spot Cafe Menu

  • Enticers

    • Mi Amigo Burrito

      Rolled mini-burritos with Japanese rice, veggies, vegan cream, mock beef, saba, kidney beans, sweet potato and vegan garlic mayo. Served with fresh tomato salsa. Another certified vegan yum!


    • Heartburger

      The flagship and all-time favourite, healthy and satisfying GSC vegan burger/ Made of 5 different veggies, grilled and flavoured with soyannaise, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. Served with preservative-free potato wedges. So yummy and juicy how can it be so guilt-free?!


    • Crunchy Shiitake

      Can be some savoury side dish or a nutritious crunchy snack, these shiitake strips are fried to golden crisp and served with a special dip. The crispy yumminess of these mushrooms, is the main reason why they're usually eaten to the last bit. A best-selling ever


    • Guiltless Quesadilla

      A healthy version of a Mexican favorite, packed with protein and flavour from grilled veggies and herbs wrapped in wheat tortillas with plant-based cheese. Meat-free, dairy-free. Every bite is just delicious and fun!


    • Sriracha Cauli

      Our all-time bestselling enticer which will strongly remind you of buffalo wings, made of cauliflower florets cooked in sriracha sauce, with spiciness than can either be toned up or down depending on preference, and served either with our signature peanut dip or homemade vegan tartar sauce. A remarkably zesty vegan treat!


  • Blissful Warmers

    • Healing Monggo

      Packed w/ high protein mung beans, malunggay leaves, ginger and tofu bits. Both healing, detoxifying and stimulates digestion and circulation. Also soothing to a chilly night


    • Creamy Broccoli

      All the goodness of rich, creamy and dreamy broccoli soup that's full of fresh broccoli florets, using almond milk in place of the unhealthy and scary dairy. Topped w/ sliced almond nuts for better digestion. A must try!


    • Clarity Veggie Soup

      Clear vegetable soup featuring a melange of bok choy, carrots, sweet corn, mushroom, garlic, ginger and a top secret flavourful vegetable broth. Clearly healthy!


    • Skinny Pumpkin

      Thick and creamy, delicious pumpkin soup. Vegan, gluten-free, filled with Vit A, highly anti-inflammatory and low in fats and calories, thus it's called skinny but big in taste and nutrition


  • To Die For Salads

    • Cashew Salad

      A nutty salad, full of crunch factor, using carrots, red pepper, broccoli, raisins and cashew bits tossed in romaine lettuce, drenched in cashew dressing and soyannaise. Rich in fiber and antioxidants for youth and glow!


    • Oriental Salad

      A summery salad that has a nutty crunch from almonds and toasted sesame seeds, on top of mixed romaine and carrot strips, dressed in natural orange extracts


    • GSC Broccoli Salad

      Super simple yet super healthful salad, combining blanched broccoli, onion, roasted almonds and sunflower seeds topped with GSC signature dressing. It's the simplest way to your loveliest version!


    • Orange Salad

      Slices of navel orange on top of cucumber, tomatoes and romaine lettuce, dressed with fruit vinaigrette and sprinkled with almond slices and dried cranberries. Raw and roaring in healthfulness and yumminess!


  • Mains w/ Rice

    • Kare-Kare

      A beloved Filipino stew made of native pechay, eggplant, greens, string beans in a peanut based sauce, accompanied by pungent vegan "bagoong". Guilt-free and saucy yum!


    • Veggie Tapa

      Curated slices of mock meat, shredded, marinated w/ special sauce and stir-fried with garlic and onion, served with fresh tomatoes and kalamansi extract as refreshing dip


    • Bicol Express

      A popular delicacy and comfort food from Bicol, with mock pork cutlets cooked in coconut milk, string beans, carrots and chili peppers to give its rich, creamy and spicy flavor


    • Lumpiang Shanghai

      Filipino spring rolls made with minced shiitake, glass noodles, julienned carrots, bell pepper and shredded cabbage. Tasty and healthy, both for parties and snack time!


    • Mushroom Salpicao

      A meatless but healthier version of salpicao that uses shiitake mushrooms, broccoli florets and marinated mock beef cutlets in special vegan butter sauce. A certified best selling vegan yum


    • Afritada

      A Filipino-Spanish inspired dish made with marinated veggie meat, potato, bell peppers, stewed in a tomato and garlic based sauce. Yummy... Cruelty-free


    • Can't Believe It's Tofu Sisig

      Deep-fried tofu cubes and chili peppers, mushroom and onion, sauteed in amino acid and kalamansi, laced with soyannaise. A party goodie without the fats and weight busting cholesterol!


    • Guilt-Free Escabeche

      A Mediterranean cuisine using mock tuna marinated in kalamansi, pineapple, tomatoes, cooked with ginger, bell pepper, carrots and spiced with saffron. Tangy, delicious!


    • Vegan Longanisa

      Tangy, sweet, spicy and vegan version of Spanish sausage, the mock meat is seasoned in garlic and herbs, binded and fried into golden perfection. Sumptuous but without the bad cholesterol


    • Bravo Picadillo

      A Cuban style dish of spiced potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, olives and raisins, sauteed in garlic and onion using mock ground beef. Bravo in taste! Bravo in nutritiousness


    • Fish Sinigang

      A Filipino favorite viand and a soup dish at the same time, includes mock bangus belly in tamarind base soup. All the blissful warmth without using the guilt and calories


    • Better Than Chicken Nuggets

      Vegan chicken nuggets, made with chickpeas, cornflakes crust and breadcrumbs, served with tangy tartar sauce. A super yummy and crispy treat!


    • The Good Kaldereta

      A traditional Filipino delicacy simmered made with mock beef cutlets, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, chilies, and coconut milk. Deliciously guilt-free


    • No-Flake Burger Steak

      Veggie patties, made with mushroom, lentils, onions and mixed veggies laced with in-house mushroom gravy sauce. A delectable but healthier version of Salisbury steak. Guilt-free as well as bad cholesterol-free!


    • Served with Turmeric Rice

  • Pasta & Noodles

    • Heavenly Ravioli

      Handmade pouches of high protein spinach leaves, drenched in dairy-free but creamy white sauce. A taste of heaven on earth!


    • Pad Thai

      Our vegan version of Thai rice strings sauteed in sesame oil topped with fresh veggies, tofu bits and peanut bits. Sweet, salty, tasty and healthy!


    • Almond Carbonara

      Our plant-based carbonara, without the toxic dairy cream, bacon, butter and cheese. Only the goodness and creaminess of almond milk and cashew cheese, topped with crunchy mushroom bits in behalf of the bacon, which surprisingly you won't miss!


    • Pomodoro

      Firm spaghetti noodles cooked in olive oil with fresh tomatoes, black olives, onions, garlic and herbs. For those who hate complications this is our main offer. Purely tasty. Simply healthy


    • Spinach Lasagna

      Packed w/ high protein spinach leaves, broccoli, black olives and fresh tomato bits. Made juicy with fresh tomato sauce, and filling with it's handmade lasagna dough infused with detoxifying herbs added to aid digestion


    • Guilt-less Ramen

      Wanna be nourished?!! Amazingly delicious and healthy, this ramen soup is comfort food at its finest, packed with fresh veggies and tasty rice noodles! A plant-based soup - no oil, no cholesterol, no highly processed ingredients, and cruelty free


  • Sweet Surrender

    • Ultimate Brownies

      Gooey, creamy, chocolate fudge brownies baked with love using organic cacao, topped with cashew nuts. Absolutely egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and low carb. Can't help to be amazed - why do they still taste so yummy?!!


    • Choco Lava Burst

      The name says it all: bursting with real chocolatey goodness thru a succulent vegan fudge topped with a melting luscious vegan ice cream, layered with creamy caramel and chocolate syrup. All vegan! All guiltless! Just a continuous flow of yumminess!


    • Mango Bravo in a Jar

      Shine bright and glow in yumminess with each of its luscious and creamy layers of chilled fresh mango, biscotti and dairy-free cream! A refreshing, cruelty-free treat no one can afford to resist!!!


    • Coffee Crunch Ice Cream

      Handmade ice cream that's made out of the choicest dairy-free ingredients. Our promise: just the silkiness and creaminess of real ice cream without the harmful and cruel preservatives. Doesn't it look like some yummy way to chill?


    • Made in Heaven Cookies

      The best vegan soft and chewy choco chip cookies in town! With just one bite, you can't help but agree - truly heavenly!


  • Guilt-Free Chills

    • Iced Choco

      Thick and creamy form of dark cacao chocolate, iced and immersed in dairy-free foamy cream and nutty taste of almond milk. A rich source of polyphenols and flavonoids, this choco drink is your most delicious way to control blood pressure, improve brain function and boost mood naturally


    • Lemongrass Cooler

      While lemongrass is considered a mild diuretic, tonic and stimulant, ginger is naturally anti-inflammatory as well as a digestion helper. can you imagine how soothing and refreshing this detox drink is? It's no wonder, it's our constant best seller!


    • Healthy Rice Coffee

      The most delicious and healthiest coffee on the world without the caffeine that spikes up needlessly and dangerously one's blood sugar. A powerful mixture of 50 kinds of veggies and herbs, all infused to give you nothing but nutrition and the taste of how delicious coffee should truly be - energizing coffee taste without the palpitation!


    • Fresh Lemonade

      An honest to goodness concoction of fresh lemon and stevia syrup. Simple but valuable. What could be more refreshing dose of Vit C and antioxidants!