Julie's Bakeshop


AFP-EP Housing, Phase 2, Western Bicutan, Taguig
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Julie's Bakeshop Menu

  • Baked Classics


    A lean type of bread with six cuts on the surface forming a flower-like appearance and topped with refined sugar.


    A hard-type bread with a mushroom-like appearance.


    Nearly bland in taste with a soft honeycomb structure; semi-elongated in shape with pointed ends and a slit on top. Topped with freshly prepared bread crumbs.


    Reddish-brown to light brown crust with one cut in the center. It has very fine, closed grains with smooth and cottony crumb with rich milky & creamy aroma.

    Butter Bun

    Lean bread coated with bread crumbs, with a slit on top and piped with margarine.


    Twirl bread with rich golden brown crust and yellowish crumb with an intense butter note, and topped with sugar.

    Pan de Leche

    Reddish brown crust, rich in milky and creamy taste.

    King Roll

    A lean type of bread with a crisp crust and a slight anise flavor and taste.


    A round-shaped creamy bread with a fine texture and creamy-sweet taste.


    This traditional "Pinoy" bread is considered as an all-time favorite. It is made bigger and fuller with just the right combination of sweet-fermented taste and coated with freshly prepared bread crumbs. A typical bread ideal for breakfast.


    With rich golden brown crust, soft texture and sweet butter flavor combination.

  • Baked Sweets

    Ube Streusel

    A soft bread with crunchy crust and sweet, creamy ube filling.

    Spanish Original

    A crescent-shaped roll that is soft with a sweet-creamy, moist and rich mixture of filling and coated with bread crumbs.

    Cinnamon Bun

    Bread Bun filled with sugar and cinnamon which provide a robust and sweet flavor, topped with glazed icing.

    Pan de Coco

    The traditional afternoon sweet delight made from grated coco then cooked to a sugar concoction locally known as "bukayo" makes this bread unique and truly Pinoy. It has a distinct gritty mouthfeel imparted by the grated coco.

    Choco German

    With a creamy choco filling and topped with a sugary-margarine topping to complete the taste.

    Choco Swirl

    Soft Bun topped with melted chocolate and buttery swirl.

  • Baked Savouries

    Chicken Meat Roll

    Round bread coated with breadcrumbs filled with chicken strips. It has a sweet and sour filling taste profile.

    Cheese Streusel

    A soft bread with a diced cheese filling and abundantly topped with a creamy gritty topping. It tastes sweet with a unique cheese flavor.

    Cheese Bread

    Soft crumb with a slightly shiny golden brown crust and filled with a cheese strip.


    A favorite Filipino snack; a steamed bun filled with a savory meat filling.

  • Baked Loaf

    Red Mongo Loaf

    Mongo overload giving a sweeter, creamylicious best tasting mongo treat.

    Ube Loaf

    Soft bread with grandeur and royalty of sweet ubelicious taste.

    Violet Cream Loaf

    Intricate violet and white braided loaf, topped with sweet creamy icing and grated cheese.

    Sliced Bread

    An all-time favorite bread that is soft and has a fine crumb. It has a moderately sweet taste that truly compliments any spread or dressing and can be consumed even without them.


    Soft bread and yellowish crumb topped with icing and grated cheese that will surely catch your taste.

  • Fried Breads


    Round bread coated with sesame seeds. Crusty bread with a slightly sweet taste.


    A twisted doughnut coated with refined sugar. It has slightly fermented-creamy flavor and taste.


    Round fried bread filled with ube/mongo and coated with refined sugar.

    Ube Fried

    Another variety of fried bread, triangular in shape filled with ube filling and coated with coarse bread crumbs.


    Wheel shaped fried bread dredged in sugar.

  • Snack Cakes

    Marble Cupcake

    Moist cupcake with a chocolate marbling and with a combination of sweet & slightly butter note.

    Chocolate Cupcake

    A very soft, sweet type flavored-chocolate cupcake topped with peanuts.


    A delicious pie made from pulled out breads.

    Cheese Cupcake

    Soft and moist cake with sweet cheesy note, topped with condensed milk & grated cheese.


    With sweet creamy taste and flavor topped with raisin and sugar crystals to enhance the taste.

    Cheezy Mamon

    A soft and spongy treat with grated cheese, and delightfully rich butter aroma and cheese notes.

  • Pastries

    Fig Pie

    Slightly flaky crust and enticingly sweet with distinctive onion flavored filling.


    The favorite flaky pastry treats with distinct onion flavor.

    Chocolate Crinkles

    Soft and moist, fudge-like chocolate cookie coated in confectioner?s sugar.


    Derived from the toy named "yoyo". Consists of two halves filled with a sugar paste and coated with sugar crystals.

    Pineapple Pie

    A sweet treat filled with a rich pineapple filling.