KyotakoSM Mall of Asia

G/F North Wing, SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd, Pasay


Open M-Su: 10AM-10PM

Kyotako serves up the perfect savory snack with their authentic Japanese Takoyaki! Known as Osaka's favorite street food, their premium-tasting takoyaki has multiple tasty twists that will transport you back to the busy streets of Japan.

Kyotako Menu

  • Menu

    • Classic

      Our signature takoyaki with its authentic taste that originated from Osaka is extra special for its softness, big size and, of course, the tasty diced-out octopus inside. Toppings: orig. sauce, aonori


      6pcs 100.00

      3pcs 65.00

      Add Ons:

      with Mayo 15.00

      with Katsuobushi 20.00

      Crispy 20.00

    • Negi

      The combination of kewpie, mayo and chopped spring onions will transport you to Osaka's streetfood world in a beat. Toppings : orig. sauce, double kewpie mayo, double spring onion, katsuobushi


      6pcs 155.00

      3pcs 80.00

    • Mentaiko

      Special ingredients "Mentaiko mayo" creates an extraordinarily unique taste. Toppings : orig. sauce, orig. mentaiko mayo, sesame seed, negi and nori


      6pcs 200.00

      3pcs 115.00

    • Spicy Black Garlic Miso

      The combination of spicy Miso paste black garllic oil and Kewpie Mayo brings a unique burst of flavor to our Takoyaki. Toppings : soy sauce, orig.miso mayo, orig. black garlic oil, sesame seed, negi and nori


      6pcs 250.00

      3pcs 140.00

    • Butter Mentai Mayo

      A buttery twist to our favorite Mentaiko Takoyaki. Must try! Toppings : orig. sauce, orig. mentaiko mayo, unsalted butter, sesame seed, negi and nori


      6pcs 230.00

      3pcs 130.00

    • Chili Garlic Mayo

      Chili meets Garlic Mayo with a hint of lemon taste. Toppings : orig. hot sauce, orig. garlic aioli sauce, chili powder, negi


      6pcs 240.00

      3pcs 135.00

    • Crispy Garlic

      Sesame oil-based mayo with crispy garlic chips plus a hint of spiciness with negi that sharpens the taste while not making it oily. Toppings : orig. sauce, crispy garlic chips, sesame chili oil, negi and nori



      3pcs 110.00

    • Chili

      The spiciness of the chili blends smoothly to the mayo and creates a mellow and savory consistency. Toppings : orig. hot sauce, kewpie mayo, chili powder, katsubushi


      6pcs 155.00

      3pcs 90.00

    • Okonomiyaki

      We make ball-shaped okonomiyaki with grilled bacon slice and sliced cabbage inside. You can also enjoy it with some additional fillings. Toppings : okonomiyaki sauce, kewpie mayo, aonori


      6pcs 170.00

      3pcs 100.00

      Add Ons:

      with Soba 50.00

      with Mochi 80.00

      with Cheese 120.00

      Additional Butabara 120.00

    • Spicy Crispy Garlic

      Added more spiciness and sesame flavor to the crispy garlic. Toppings : orig. hot sauce, kewpie mayo, crispy garlic chips, spicy sesame chili oil, negi and nori


      6pcs 210.00

      3pcs 120.00

    • Wasabi

      Our Kyotako original wasabi mayo does not only have a strong pungent aroma but also a rich yet smooth taste. A pinch of katsuobushi and nori adds gusto to its flavor. Toppings : soy sauce, orig. wasabi mayo, katsuobushi, nori


      6pcs 170.00

      3pcs 100.00

    • Assorted

      Assorted offers 6 kinds of takoyaki in one box. Classic, Mentaiko, Butter Mentai Mayo, Spicy Black Garlic Miso, Chili Garlic Mayo, Negi, Crispy Garlic, Spicy Crispy Garlic, Chili and Wasabi


      6pcs 230.00

  • Sadoubu

    • Roasted Green Tea

      Using imported organic tea leaves. The roasted aroma and cream witll bring you to a higher tea experience


    • Matcha

      Sadoubu original blend. Strong tea flavor beyond sweetness


    • Brown Rice w/ Green Tea

      Imported leaves. Perfect combination of roasted wheat rice and green tea


    • Green Tea

      Imported leaves, Using cold brew green tea makes bitterness and sweetness mellow


  • Shiratama

    • Plain Shiratama

      There is no flavor added so you can focus to the texture of shiratama and slightly taste the sweet flavor of mochi. FREE (included to all teas)

    • Black Sesame Shiratama

      Black sesame is often used for traditional Japanese snacks. When it meets shiratama and Sadoubu tea. It's amazing!

      Add Ons:

      Plain to Black Sesame 20.00

    • Kinaki Shiratama

      Kinako is ground roasted soy beans usually used as flavoring of mochi. It is the best combination for shiratama!

      Add Ons:

      Plain to Kinako 10.00