La + TeariaMalate

2466 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila

Dessert, Tea

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Open M-Sa: 10AM-9PM

La + Tearia Menu

  • Double Shaved Dairy Series

    • Chocollate (Original Milk + Dark Chocolate)

      Smooth iced milk ribbons infused with velvety dark chocolate, dusted with premium cocoa powder and drizzled with Belgian chocolate sauce

    • Go Mango (Original Milk + Mango)

      Smooth iced milk ribbons mixed with homemade mango flavor, topped with fresh riped mangoes and drizzled with condensed milk

    • Gotcha Matcha (Original Milk + Matcha)

      Smooth iced milk ribbons combined with high quality matcha flavor topped with sweet red beans drizzled with matcha sauce

    • Strawberries & Cream (Original Milk + Strawberries)

      Smooth iced milk ribbons infused with real strawberry puree topped with special strawberry jam and condensed milk

    • Cafe La + Tearia (Original Milk + Coffee)

      Smooth iced milk ribbons infused with creamy coffee blend topped with diced coffee jelly drizzled with condensed milk


  • Shaved Milk Tea Series

    • Signature Milk Tea

    • Matcha Milk Tea

    • Dark Chocolate Milk Tea

    • Strawberry Milk Tea

    • Thai Milk Tea