Lemuria Horseshoe Village

5 Julieta Circle, Horseshoe, Quezon City


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ico-inline-s-clock-16w.pngOpen T-Su: 6PM-10:30PM

Lemuria Menu

  • Warm Appetizers

    • Oysters Rockefeller

    • Shrimp with Feta and Tomato Carpaccio

      Sauteed shrimps with feta cheese on top of hydroponic tomato slices

    • Beurre D'Escargots

      French snails sauteed in almond and herb butter sauce

    • Crab Cakes

      Deep fried with mango coulis, spicy aioli, tomato salsa and apple cabbage slaw

    • Pan-Seared Foie Gras

      On brioche toast with roasted figs and balsamic honey gastrique

    • Sauteed Kale & Spinach Salad

      With honey lemon dressing, goat cheese and chorizo

  • Cold Appetizers

    • Fresh Oysters

      With lemon slices or Mignonette sauce

    • Steak Tartare

      Freshly minced Cape Grim Free-Range Beef mixed with spices with side salad and egg yolk

    • Caesar Salad

      With homemade dressing, chicken roulade and Parmesan crisp

    • Lemuria's Signature Salad

      Deep fried soft-shell crab with lardons, poached egg, walnuts and feta in balsamic vinaigrette

  • Soup

    • Onion Soup

      Classic French onion soup, with toasted baguette topped with Emmental cheese

    • Mushroom and Gruyere

      A creamy forest mushroom soup topped with Swiss cheese

    • Squash and Saffron

      Rich squash soup with saffron threads, topped with Swiss cheese

  • Main - Beef

    • Beef Bourguignon

      US short rib fingers braised in red wine with shallots, lardons, mushrooms served with potato puree

  • Main - Pork

    • Kurobuta Pork Belly

      Slowly braised Japanese pork belly served with sarladaise potatoes, roasted dried fruits and mushrooms in red wine reduction

  • Main - Lamb

    • Lamb Shank

      Slow cooked lamb shank with Mediterranean spices, served with creamy polenta and apricot compote

    • Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

      Served with roasted and smoked vegetables with pea puree, almond puree and garlic & tomato confit

  • Main - Fowl

    • Chicken Roulade

      Deboned leg quarter stuffed with ground pork & chorizo with squash puree and roasted vegetables, served with red wine balsamic sauce

    • Duck Leg Confit with Cassoulet

      Slow cooked duck leg with French white bean stew

  • Main- Fish & Seafood

    • Sea Bass

      Pan seared with mushroom risotto, salsa, parsley oil and beurre blanc

    • Salmon

      Served with pea puree, roasted and pickled vegetables. (Seasonal ? flown in chilled once a week from New Zealand)

    • Bouillabaisse

      Rich seafood broth with assorted seafood, served with baguette & rouille

    • Moules Frites

      Chilean black mussels in white wine sauce with pommes frites

  • Pasta & Risotto

    • Tagliatelle and Truffles

      Homemade pasta with truffle cream sauce and Grana Padano crisp

    • Shrimp Tortellini

      Homemade pasta stuffed with shrimp mousse in shrimp and crab fat sauce with sauteed mushrooms

    • Bone Marrow Risotto

      Pan seared bone marrow with a red wine risotto

    • Soft-Shell Crab Risotto

      Deep fried soft-shell crab served in crab fat and goat cheese risotto

  • Others

    • Steak

      Served with haricots verts, glazed vegetables and sauce of your choice: Truffle, Peppercorn and Bearnaise

    • Ribeye

    • Cape Drim Angus

      Organic grass fed, free range Angus cattle from the corner of Tasmania which was declared to have the cleanest air in the world; produce Steak with a unique and exquisite flavor unlike any beef you?ve tasted.



    • Mayura Pure Breed Wagyu

      One of rare pure breed Wagyu in the market. Voted as best branded beef in the world for the year 2012-2013. Buttery, flavorful, one of a kind.



    • SRF Gold Label Wagyu

      A mixed breed of Japanese Wagyu and U.S. Black Angus cattle from Snake River Farms with the highest rating; creates a tenderloin steak that is buttery soft, but still carries that distinct flavor of an Angus.



      Add On


      Potato Puree

      Pommes Frites

      Plain Risotto

      Sauteed Mushrooms

  • Dessert

    • Creme Glacee

      Lemuria's homemade ice cream (kindly asked for available flavors)

    • Lemuria Cheesecake

      A blend of two cheeses with dulce de leche, topped with strawberry compote and mango coulis

    • Grand Marnier Souffle

      Chocolate souffle with Grand Marnier scented creme anglaise

    • Churros

      Served with almond de leche and spiced chocolate

    • Layered Chocolate Surprise

      Crack the chocolate shell to reveal the surprise dessert

    • Cheese Plate for Two

      Assorted cheese served with roasted nuts, grapes, honey and dried fruits