Mahalo AcaiPoblacion

5663 Don Pedro St, Poblacion, Makati

Dessert, Healthy,Yogurt

Open T-Su: 4PM-12MN

Getting your dose of sugar doesn't always have to be a sinful experience! Located in Poblacion, Mahalo Acai serves the country's first dairy-free, vegan-friendly frozen yogurt, so you can treat yourself with something sweet minus the guilt.

Mahalo Acai Menu

  • How To Order

    • Step 1: Choose Fruit

    • Step 2: Choose Crunch

    • Step 3: Choose Sauce


      Froyo 220.00

      Plain Froyo 200.00

  • Others

    • Dairy-Free Frozen Yogurt

      Signature combination of our dairy-free, acai berry-infused frozen yogurt topped with fresh mangoes, maple coconut granola and caramel sauce.