O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar


Unit 1 C Valdeleon Bldg., 20 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati
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O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar Menu

  • Soup

    Caldo Verde

    The famous Portuguese vegetable soup with their flair. Thick and hearty... just the way you like it


    Curried Pumpkin Soup - Vasos Abobora

    A rich, robust blend of creamy pumpkin, fresh herbs and fine spices-all whipped together to create this masterpiece


    Spicy Goulash - Goulash Picante

    A clear soup mash of stewed beef tenderloin, fresh potatoes and plump tomatoes peppered with chili flakes. A wonderful soup that warms the soul and gives the palette a surprising kick.


    Chicken Cream Soup - Frango Sopa Creme

    Chicken soup is indeed good for one's soul. This well known soup is simple but not ordinary. Made of diced chicken breast, celery, carrots, and various Portuguese spices-this is loved by many.


  • Appetizer

    Portuguese Gambas - Camarao-Portuguese

    Gambas you know. Portuguese gambas, you will love


    Portuguese Chourico

    The famous Portuguese sausage... a staple that will definitely be one of your favorites


    Solo 260.00

    Sharing 440.00


    Salpicao's Portuguese brother. Tenderloin beef cubes bathed in garlic, red wine, herbs, and spices


    Chourico Sisig

    Their take on this Filipino classic


    Fish and Chips

    Tender lager battered white fish nestled on a bed of seasoned fries. Served with their signature perinaise.


    Solo 260.00

    Sharing 440.00

    Marinated Pork Medallions - Bifanas de Porco

    Carefully sauteed spicy marinated pork medallions over thinly sliced caramelized onions. The subtle contrast will take your breath away.


    Chorizo Croquettes


  • Salad

    House Greens - Casa Salada Verde

    A bed of farm fresh romain lettuce with glazed walnuts, sundried tomatoes, and quezo de bola


    Solo 220.00

    Sharing 340.00

    Cajun Salmon Caesar Salad - Comida Cajun Salmao Salada Caesar

    The salmon with an attitude-marinated in their smoky Cajun concoction for 24 hours for maximum flavor. It is then combined with fresh romaine lettuce, crispy bacon strips, Parmesan cheese and served with their delicious home amde caesar dressing.


    Lemony Shrimp Salad - Camarao Lemony Salad

    A refreshing and tangy combination of sauteed prawns, cherry tomatoes and chives resting on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce and heartily served with their home-made lemon vinaigrette


    Duck Salad with Lychees - Potocom Salada Lichias

    They are very proud of this creation. Roasted duck, water crest, lychees and their signature soy lychee vinaigrette dressing-the unique combination of sweet and slightly salty will definitely keep you coming back for more.


    Avocado Cream Salad - Nata Abacate Salada

    A unique concoction of a variety of fresh crispy lettuce topped with cucumbers, apples, cashew, walnuts, shrimps, and tomatoes with a refreshing and healthy creamy avocado pulp dressing


    Solo 210.00

    Sharing 340.00

  • Main Course


    Chilean black seabass drenched in a delicate white wine cream sauce, served on a bed of steaming herb rice.


    Salmon - Salmao

    Their pride. Savory salmon griddled and glazed with fermented soybean paste, served with daikon pickled relish and rice.


    Fish Fillet in Saffron Broth - Peixe em Caldo Acafrao

    Tender fish fillet coked in a delicate saffron broth with leeks, shallots and mixed bellpepper



    A delicate Australian fish-white in color, soft and flaky in texture. They gives great respect to the barramundi fish by carefully marinating it in fresh onions, vinho verde wine, assorted Portuguese herbs and spices. Served with herb rice, French fries or mashed potatoes.


    Stuffed Fish Fillet - Recheadas Peixe

    Baked white fish fillet covered with Portuguese herbs and spices, stuffed with bell peppers, capsicum, onions and tomato. Bold and distinct.


    Bacalhau de Osonho

    Portuguese passion - the dried salt cod. Bacalhau fish stewed with carrots and green olives served with pita bread.


    Fish in Paper Case - Peixeem um Papel

    Whole red snapper carefully drizzled with olive oil and topped with sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, and clams, This dish is healthy, subtle yet greatly satisfying.


    Beef Medallion with Mushroom Ragout - Carne Medalhao Com Cogumelos Ragout


    Lengua de Vaca - Carne de Lingua

    Braised ox tongue until spoon tender, sauteed in a marriage of Mediterranean-Oriental spices and infused with signature Peri-peri sauce


    Braised Brisket with Peppercorn Sauce - Cominhos Peitocom Molho de Hamburguer Spot

    Braised and roasted beef brisket pre marinated in twelve different herbs and spices. Served with sauteed garlic spinach, fresh mashed potato and their home made peppercorn sauce. It's so tender and tasty-nothing comes close.


    Angus Ribeye

    A Carnivore's Nirvana! Juicy and tender steak cut 300g angus ribeye. This is a certified hit!


    Jeera Meera Masala

    A feast for all your senses. Lamb leg marinated and bathed in famous garam masala spices, accompanied with fresh and juicy grilled tomatoes and toasted onions over steaming white rice


    Peri-Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice

    Tender juicy butterfly cut chicken thighs, marinated in their famous peri peri sauce


    Solo 210.00

    Sharing 320.00

    Chicken Catalana Picada - Frango Com Catalao Picada

    Roasted chicken leg and thigh combination rubbed and marinated in their special Portuguese sauce. Hint: they use chocolate! A must try!


    Peri Peri Lechon - Peri Peri Porco Assado

    The Philippines beloved roast suckling pig marinated in their signature peri-peri herbs and spices. Crispy outside, tender and juicy inside... nothing beats this dish! Please order 24 hours in advance. Price per kilogram.


    Madeira Beef Shank - Madeira Carne Shank

    Tender and prime cut stewed beef shank marinated in madeira wine, lemon rind, Parmesan cheese, concasse, served with whipped potatoes herb.


    Coffee Marinated Roast Pork - Cafe Marinados Porco Assado

    Unmistakably original! Succulent and juicy roast pork bathed in a delicious coffee marinade, served with herb whipped potatoes (allow 20-25 minutes for slow roasting)


    Portuguese Baby Back Ribs - De Volta Costelas Do Bebe

    The dish for champions! Marinated in their mouthwatering special rib sauce


    Half Slab 560.00

    Full Slab 980.00

    Lemon Herb Chicken - Limao Frango Erva

    Tender juicy butterfly cut chicken thighs, marinated in their special lemon herb sauce


    Solo 210.00

    Sharing 320.00

    Whole Roast Peri Peri Chicken - Todo Assado Peri Peri Frango

    Good for 3-4 people; allow approximately 30-45 minutes for cooking; choice of mild, medium or hot. They will bring your meal to your table, please be patient. Their goodness can't be rushed. The taste of your freshly roasted meal will be remembered long after the wait is forgotten.


    All Meat Paella - Paella de Carne

    A heavenly mix of bacon, beef, chicken, lamb and chourico, carefully spiced and specially cooked to satisfy the most demanding meat craving. Good for 2 persons.


    Seafood Paella - Paella Do Mar

    A unique blend of cumin, saffron mixed with the finest seafood around. Good for 2 persons.


    Black Paella - Paella Negra

    Paella with squid ink, bell peppers and quality seafoods. Good for 2 persons.


    Jumbo Chicken Wrap

    Peri-peri chicken, tabule, tomato, hummus, garlic mayo, and iceberg lettuce wrapped in pita bread


    Jumbo Beef Wrap

    Grilled beef tenderloin, tabule, tomato, hummus, garlic mayo, and iceberg lettuce wrapped in pita bread


  • Pasta

    Peri-Peri Chicken Pasta

    Sundried tomatoes and herb based sauce tossed with linguini noodles. Light, healthy and oh-so-delicious.


    Solo 310.00

    Family 880.00

    Penne with Salmon Puttanesca - Penne com Salmao Puttanesca

    Penne pasta cooked al dente and mixed in a symphony of spiced fresh tomato sauce, black olives, capers, and pan fried Norwegian salmon.


    Pasta Marinara - Marinara Massas Alimenticias

    An orchestra of assorted fresh seafood (mussel, shrimps, and squid) mixed with the most delicious cream based sauce over linguini noodles. A must try!


    Bacalhau Pasta

    Juicy fresh tomato concasse with bacalhau flakes, black olives, capers, and various herbs


    Ciao Madrid Paella Pasta - Ciao Madrid Paella Massas Alimenticias

    A heavy weight contender in the battles of pastas. A combination of chicken, their home made Portuguese chourico, fresh squid, prawns, and clams. Paella? Pasta? No need to choose. Close your eyes and you won't know the difference.


    Shrimp Diablo Pasta - Camarao Diablo Massas Alimenticias

    Spaghetti mixed in their white creamy pesto sauce topped with spicy marinated shrimps and various Portuguese herbs and spices.


  • Dessert

    Portuguese Seradura with Banana - Seradura Portuguesa com Banana

    Layered chilled vanilla whipped cream, chopped walnuts and crushed biscuits with banana puree


    Coffee Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream - Geleia Cafe com Gelado de Baunilha

    Gelatinized coffee with liquor infused whipped cream topped with vanilla ice cream



    Sweet pastry with layers of filo, chopped walnuts and almonds


    Custard Tarts - Pasteis de Nata

    Egg custard pies with flaky dough. Portuguese bestseller! 3 tarts per order.


    Fruit Brochettes - Pinchos de Frutas

    Fresh fruit platter served with two kinds of dips (dark choco ganache and creme anglaise)


    Portuguese Queijadas with Creme Anglaise

    Portuguese muffins with creme anglaise and vanilla ice cream. 3 muffins per order.


    Java Toblerone Mousse

    Coffee inspired mousse cake infused with java toblerone.


    Tres Leches

    Creamy sponge cake coated with three kinds of milk and topped with white chocolate shaving.