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Pretty Looks Services

  • Permanent Make Up-Eyebrow

    Rates given upon consultation

    Eyebrow Reborn

    Eyebrow embroidery that applies color onto to the top layer of the skin, Eyebrow Reborn makes the color of the brows appear natural without being too thick and exaggerated, which can last up to two years and more.

    4D Eyebrow Cloning

    The 4D Eyebrow Cloning is an advanced Eyebrow Enhancing treatment that uses soft and feather like technique that gives you a confident and natural look.

    S3 Eyebrow Stranding

    S3 Eyebrow Stranding is an advanced technique that reshapes, constructs, and replicates each hair strand through micro-pigmentation to give eyebrows a natural look.

    Cashmere Brows

    A combination of shading and stranding, Cashmere Eyebrows is a soft bushy twill weave stranding that gives the effect of fuller eyebrows.

    Microspin 22 Eyebrows

    The finest and most updated stranding that uses 22 needles to produce semi-permanent, multiple fine strands with half circular strokes.

    Eyebrows for Men

    The S3 Eyebrow Stranding Men's Eyebrow Embroidery offers alterations that bring out attractive and compelling change in the looks of men's eyebrows.

    Eyebrow Damage Repair

    A safe and effective procedure that repairs outdated eyebrows, Eyebrow Damage Repair gives solution to eyebrow damages such as having green bluish discoloration, square-shaped, super dark black, or poorly-shaped brows.

  • Permanent Make Up

    Rates given upon consultation


    Taking away the inconvenience of reapplying lippies, Prettylook's lip tattoo gives a permanent vibrant color on lips that stays.


    Eyeliner gives you the perks of having bigger, brighter, dramatic-looking eyes without a lot of effort.

    Semi Permanent Mascara

    It is the newest lash technology that grants natural-looking, long, curled, and thick lashes instantly.

  • Facial Treatment

    Rates given upon consultation

    Non-Surgical Facelift

    An amazing non-surgical procedure from Italy is now available at Prettylooks. Combining Mestotherapy and Artefill procedures, this treatment gives no downtime, is non-invasive, painless, and results are almost instant.

    Non-Surgical Noselift

    Prettylooks' latest treatment of Non-surgical Noselift (no operation), gives the nose a very natural shape through the process of injection - which is non-allergenic and painless.

    Sexy Lip Pout

    A non-surgical, painless procedure with no down time and recovery period. Sexy Lip Pout repairs asymmetrical and thinned lips to make it enhanced and plump in just a matter of 15-20 minutes.

    Biomelasma Treatment

    Prettylooks' Biomelasma Treatment is the first and only non-invasive pigment treatment that gets rid of ugly dark spots without the use of laser, nor fraxel and no harsh chemical peel. It has 90-95% guaranteed result in just 4 treatments.


    A fine wrinkles treatment using relaxants for a fresh and younger look.

    Warts Removal

    Quick and easy wart removal treatment for smooth, bumpless skin.

    Facial Contouring

    A non-surgical shape enhancement for the face through the following combination of treatments: Derma Fillers, Threads, COG, Botulinium Toxin, Lipolysis for fats synthesis

    Dermal Fillers

    Derma fillers are tools used to correct scarring, wrinkles, and other depressions in the skin. These are injected into the soft tissue of the skin for purposes of lifting its appearance.


    Lipolysis is a method to make the resilient v-line disappear by melting unnecessary fat from the face, helping waste discharge and fat breakdown through the promotion of lymph glands, and by helping regenerate skin.