Shu ReflexologyLittle Baguio

Mezzanine TNA Building, #17 J. Abad Santos St, Little Baguio, San Juan

Massage, Reflexology,Wellness

Open M-Su: 1PM-12MN
Herbals remedies and centuries-old tradition combine to create a truly relaxing and restful experience at Shu Reflexology and Foot Therapy. Shoo away stress and tension and be pampered by Shu Reflexology and Foot Therapy's highly trained massage therapists and experts.

Shu Reflexology Menu

  • Massage

    • Foot Reflexology

      1 Hour


    • Back Massage

      1 Hour


    • Foot Reflexology with Back Massage


      1 Hour & 20 Minutes 550.00

      1 Hour & 40 Minutes 680.00

      2 Hours 825.00

    • Add On

      Almond Milk Foot Scrub


  • Soak

    • Ginger Soak

      Improves circulation and can be helpful to many conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, and varicose veins.

    • Green Tea Soak

      Helps detoxify, soothe, and heal stressed skin. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that can fight free radicals known to play a role in the aging process.

    • Salt Detox Bath

      Epsom salt helps soothe tired muscles and alleviate joint and muscle pains. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • tea

    • Green Tea & Rose

      Increases metabolism and reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. Rich in antioxidants that help fight toxins and boost the immune system.

    • Oolong

      Has combined qualities and benefits of black tea and green tea. Promotes healthy bones and teeth. Helps improve mental performance and maintain alertness throughout the day.

    • Jasmine

      A highly effective form of aromatherapy. Promotes sense of well-being and beneficial for stress relief.

    • Pu-Erh

      Perfect tea to drink after a heavy and greasy meal. The antioxidants in Pu-Erh aids digestion and promotes weight loss.

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