Sodam Little Baguio

17 Jose Abad Santos, Little Baguio, San Juan

Buffet, Korean

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Open M-Su: 11:30AM-2:30PM; 6PM-10PM
Sodam reopens after a short renovation hiatus. It offers unlimited eat-all-you-can buffet including grilled meats and other Korean dishes.

Sodam Menu

  • Recommended Dishes

  • Eat All You Can

    • Lunch: 11:30AM-3PM, Dinner: 5:30PM-10:30PM

    • Set A

      Unli Pork Set + Hotpot


      Weekday Lunch 349.00/Dinner 399.00

      Weekend Lunch 399.00/Dinner 399.00

    • Set B

      Unli Beef & Pork Set + Hotpot


      Weekday Lunch 399.00/Dinner 449.00

      Weekend Lunch 499.00/Dinner 499.00

    • Set C

      Unli Beef set + Hotpot


      Weekday Lunch 449.00/Dinner 499.00

      Weekend Lunch 499.00/Dinner 549.00

  • Promos

    • Weekday Lunch Promo

      This promo is only for Weekday Lunch from 2019.03.05


      Unli Beef & Pork + Hotpot + Buffet 349.00

      Only Buffet 279.00

    • Summer Weekday Promo

      Unli Beef & Pork + Buffet + Hotpot (Only for weekday Lunch & Dinner from 2019.03.25)


      Lunch 349.00

      Dinner 399.00

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