Health Is In West Ave

59 West Ave, Quezon City

Acupuncture, Ear Candling,Wellness

Open M-Sa: 9AM-6PM
More than just a cute catchphrase, Health Is In is a top wellness and lifestyle center in Metro Manila. Emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness and healing, Health Is In employs state-of-the-art equipment and progressive thinking in order to deliver an effective, empowering, and therapeutic experience to all their customers.

Health Is In Menu

  • Services

    • Rates will be given upon consultation

    • Wellness Check

      By Appointment

    • HIIC MiniLab Reading

      By Appointment

    • Electromagnetic Foot Acupuncture (Non-Invasive)

    • Ion Cleansing Foot Detox

    • Ear Detox (Ear Candling)

    • Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

      By Appointment

    • Reiki Therapy

      By Appointment

    • Acupuncture

      By Appointment

    • Dorn Therapy

      By Appointment

    • Homeopathic Consultation & Treatment

      By Appointment

    • Wellness Consultation

    • Inquire about our Yearly Membership to avail of large discounts on selected Wellness Products and Services

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