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412 El Grande, BF Homes, Parañaque

Massage, Wellness

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Open M-Su: 1PM-12MN

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    • Thai Massage

      This acupressure based treatment will release those troublesome knots and burdens, some aches with trigger point therapy. Then relax with some mild stretching techniques


      1 hr 300.00

      1.5 hr 450.00

    • Swedish Massage

      This full body massage will unknot tight muscles, to aid blood circulation and induces feeling of deep relaxation. Let slow and long kneading strokes ease the tension away from your body


      1 hr 350.00

      1.5 hr 500.00

    • Signature Massage

      Achieve pure relaxation combining heated stones, Swedish, foot massage and stretching to loosen tight muscles



      1.5 hr

    • Foot Massage

      Reflexology is focused on manipulation of the hands and feet to address condition both internal and external



      1 hr

    • Royalty Massage

      Enjoy the relaxing and delightful treatment combining volcanic massage, Swedish, foot massage and stretching technique to further restore and enhance vitality



      1 hr

    • Tranquility Head Massage

      The ancient massage technique covers the neck and shoulders as well as the head. This technique will remove tension from the shoulders and neck, release sinus pressure and relieve stress



      1 hr

    • Deluxe Treatment Massage

      Delight in a full body massage and feel your stress melt away as each combination strokes revive your body. End up on a swift relaxing traditional pressure points leaving your body feeling indulged



      1 hr

    • Express Massage

      A well-loved treatment. If you're in need of massage but you're always in a hurry, you deserve this therapy. This 15 minutes focus on the painful muscles of the back, shoulder and lumbar area bring relaxation and relief


      Add On

      30 mins Foot Massage (for all Body Massage) 200.00