Vibes MassageWalter Mart Makiling

2/F Walter Mart Makiling, Maharlika Hwy, Calamba, Laguna

Massage, Wellness

Open M-Su: 10AM-9PM
Be relaxed, relieved, and rejuvenated with the special touch of blind massage therapists at Vibes Massage! A massage parlor established and run by a group of blind therapists, be part of this unique opportunity to take care of your body while contributing to a community that deserves it.

Vibes Massage Menu

  • Regular Massage

    • Bed Massage with Herbal Oil


      a. 1 Hour (Whole Body) 350.00

      b. 30 Mins (Body Parts) 220.00

    • Chair Massage


      a. 1 Hour (Whole Body)

      b. 30 Mins (Body Parts)

Vibes Massage Branches

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